Friday, November 5, 2010


He thought of hopping off in a comic sort of way till he was
out of sight of her, and then never going near the spot any
To show her that her departure would leave him unmoved,
he skipped up and down the room, playing gaily on his
heartless pipes. She had to run about after him, though it
was rather undignified.
Although Virgo and Sag form the tense and challenging 4-10 Sun Sign Pattern,
we discussed the melodious secret of how these two can successfully conquer the
conflicts of their auric vibes and achieve harmony together in the beginning of
this chapter, which the Centaur and his Virgin should study first, taking care to
read between the lines, before they give their attention to these particular pages.
All they have to do is keep singing their love song in the key of D-flat. And try
not to go off-key. It may take a little practice, but as the New Yorker said to the
tourist asking directions, that's how you get to Carnegie Hall. Practice, practice,
practice! (Of course, you can also get there by making a sharp right turn East,
at the corner of 57th Street and 7th Avenue - but it depends on whether you
plan to be the featured attraction, or just sit in the balcony, as one of the crowd.)
Speaking of directions, such as how to get to Carnegie Hall - or anywhere
else - the Virgo girl will probably prefer to reach her destination by subway, by
bus - or on foot. The Archer is more likely to impulsively (and extravagantly,
in Virgo's opinion) hail a taxi or rent a car. Maybe even suddenly decide to buy
one (he leans to fast and jazzy sports models) if he's a typical Sagittarian. It's
one of the bridges they'll have to cross together, to get to the other side (the
agreement side) of their differences - his inclination to spend money in a relatively
casual and carefree, generous manner - and her inclination to carefully
count the Daddy Lincolns and squeeze the Buffalos. The Virgin doesn't really
intend or want to be stingy, but unless her Moon or Ascendent is in a Fire or Air
Element, she may give an extremely good imitation of it.
or thrifty, sensible and cautious. But you know how Sag tends to call things
as he sees them, so he may see her "sensible thrift" as a clear case of stinginess,
and be not a bit bashful about telling her so, which, of course, will not exactly
endear him to the Virgin.
You see? Already, he's been a little clumsy, and stuck his foot in his
mouth. There's one way he can persuade her to thaw her frigid response to his
frankness concerning her financial attitudes. He can gaze at her ever-so-earnestly
(straight into her eyes, Virgos mistrust people who avert their glances)
and ask her politely if she'll suggest a way for him to hang on to some of his income,
help him figure out how much of it should be put away for a rainy day (or
for a secure future) earning interest. Which would be more advisable, Municipal
Bonds, a stock portfolio, a bank savings plan - or maybe a plump china
piggy bank at home? She'll love to be asked, and will have a stream of well-considered,
detailed suggestions. If she already knows him reasonably well, she'll
veto the piggy bank right away. Unless he leaves it with her. Too tempting
when he weakens.
Most people start out with ambitions for the future, enter a profession or
career of their choice, work toward their goal - and eventually, after they've enjoyed
a fair amount of time of achievement (and tucked away some cash), they
retire, and do as they please. The Archers approach the work ethic in reverse.
They like to start out by retiring - or at least, by doing just what they please. If
what pleases them is unduly restricted by the demands of employment, they often
toss security over their shoulders, shrug - follow the features of their
hunches for a while, and figure that, when things get tough, they can always find
a different occupation that isn't so confining. It's an attitude that horrifies the
usually hard-working, efficient and responsible Virgo woman. So she'll criticize
him, first gently - and then, if he continues to behave as though he couldn't
care less about the future, her very real apprehensions will cause her to point
out his flaws more sharply.
He'll fiercely resent what he views as nagging, then pull out his bow and
quiver, and aim a few blunt arrows of truth - as he sees it - into the heart of
her objections. To work at a job you hate more than you love, only to gain financial
security, he'll tell her, can slowly murder the spirit. He doesn't know (or
care) how other males feel, but as for himself, he believes a man's work or career
should be something he enjoys so much, he would do it without a cent of pay if
he had to, because he's so magnetized by its challenge - because he must express
himself in this way, or be forever unfulfilled. (An unfulfilled Archer is a
sad and empty man, more so than any other.) I hate to takes sides in an argument
between lovers, but astrology forces me to agree with the Centaur's philosophy
on the subject of work. A fringe benefit of such an attitude Virgo should
appreciate, is that financial rewards frequently pour in, not despite it, but because
of it. It's never those who set out determined to make a lot of money, with
financial security as the bottom line goal, who succeed and become wealthy.
The greatest fortunes never fail to match the greatest achievements, granted by
Lady Luck invariably to those who are consumed and obsessed by an idea, so
single-minded about it that they're completely oblivious to the cash remuneration.
Their fortunes pile up around them, nearly unnoticed. The Universe
smiles on them, because they work with love, not with the apathy of boredom or
frustrated resentment. Dr. Land and his obsession with the Polaroid photographic
process. Henry and his love affair with his Ford. Tom Edison and the
sounds he heard in his head, he desperately had to somehow channel. David
Sarnoff... and thousands upon thousands of others.
There are plumbers and electricians who passionately love their work, and
couldn't possibly imagine doing anything else. There are chefs who adore to
cook, physicians who desperately long to heal, waiters who are happy talking
with people, fascinated by the changing streams of the faces of humanity. Yes,
there are even people who feel a deep, personal satisfaction in scrubbing floors
and washing windows - in cleaning. They're aware of a powerful lifting of the
spirits from seeing dirt and untidiness magically change into freshness and shining
order. (Virgo should comprehend that!) I know a man who would rather
paint houses than be President, truthfully. It exhilarates him in a way he
doesn't try to explain to himself - least of all to anyone else. Albert Schweitzer
preferred the hardships of steamy jungles to a chrome-plated, modern science
lab, while others prefer the chrome-plated, modern science lab to primitive labor
in the jungle. Those who punch their factory time clocks with suppressed
bitterness and a sense of futility turn out ugly furniture, not fit to pass down to
anyone, hardly fit for the original owner, after a few months. But a man who
loves his work is a craftsman, creating miracles from wood and other materials
that are treasured for centuries. And so it goes. There was a time when people
were more inclined to follow their hearts to their professions, when society made
it easier to earn one's daily bread with love. Now all we have are square pegs in
round holes, and vice versa, because of the rat race called "success," that turns
out, in the end, to be a cruelly false label. Millions ask themselves privately,
"Why is success such a failure?" Because it was wrongly defined in the beginning,
that's why. By television commercials . . . and within the glossy ads in
magazines. Madison Avenue has a heavy karma ahead, for sure.can solvehe may be the one who lies there, musing about the
Because Virgo contains the seed of purity (purity of thought, intention and
action) the Virgin may be moved by her restless, independent Archer's arguments,
and gradually grow to see things through his rosier colored glasses. An
end result like that is worth the friction these two must endure from the 4-10 influence
of their squared natal Suns. It's also more than a little possible that she
will impress her Sagittarian lover or husband with the stamp of her own kind of
patient integrity and sense of responsibility, her ability to keep dreams nice and
tidy, polished and gleaming, therefore more apt to be truly beautiful when it's
time for them to come out of their cedarwood drawers and manifest as realities.
In this way, the Virgin and the Centaur can turn the falsely labeled "curse" of
their 4-10 vibration of tension into a blessing, by helping each other eliminate
their "vices," through the process of simply exchanging their individual virtues
with one another.
True, there are multitudes of minor matters these two will disagree about,
causing periodic conflict between them. But there's always the man-woman alchemy
to soften the hurt of all the things that don't really matter as much as
they think they do. Love's physical chemistry can cover daily annoyances and
irritability with the heavy fragrance of roses, washed by a summer shower, in a
garden . . . the joyful feel of damp earth and wet grass, refreshing two hearts and
souls grown weary from constant misunderstanding. When the Virgin leans
back in her Sagittarian man's protecting arms, she'll forgive him most of his
trespasses against her, and he'll forget his own fiery anger over being criticized
and doubted. The flames of passion and desire within his Fire Sign nature -
and the deeper, more quiet needs of her "earthiness" can blend into a contentment
and peace between them that forms a foundation for more tolerance
toward each other regarding all those unimportant areas of conflict. But she
must take care not to allow her instinctive Virgo detachment and physical aloofness
to cause him to feel rejected, because he seeks and needs a more enthusiastic
response to his physical expression of tenderness.
During the reign of Britain's Queen Victoria, young women about to be
married, who shyly sought advice concerning the proper, ladylike behavior on
their honeymoons, were crisply admonished by their mothers to "just lie back
and think of England." There may be times when the Sagittarian man thinks
he's been projected into the Victorian Age with his Virgo lady - his bright and
gentle, but somewhat cool, Virgin, who loves him with the same intensity as he
loves her, but may be unable initially to express her feelings with as much easy
spontaneity as he does so naturally. Telling her she's frigid won't solve the
problem. Tactlessness never solves anything. He'll have to patiently teach her
to trust him with her whole self, for patience, unlike "brutal honesty,"
anything at all. Once the Virgo woman has learned to be herself with the man
she loves, she can make of sexual Oneness a lingering and profound experience
for the sometimes clumsy, but cheerful and generous Archer, who has the ability
to reach the heights in everything he does . . . not excluding making love.
After they've grown accustomed to matching their rhythms in all their communications
(they communicate well, these two, both being Mutable) the Virgo
woman will lie back on the shoulder of her Sagittarian man, and think of many
things other than England. The both possess intelligent, inquiring minds that
sparkle with ideas. Then
British Isles. Some midnight, after they've loved, he'll suddenly ask her if she'd
like to forget all about caution and practicality . . . just pack a couple of suitcases
tomorrow, lock the front door, give the neighbors the key, so they can drop
by to water the plants . . . catch an early flight for London, and arrive in time to
hear the chimes of Big Ben by noon. If she's as smart as Virgos are born to be,
she'll analyze his skyrocket suggestion carefully for about two and one third seconds,
kiss him on the nose, snap on the light, smile into his eyes with her whole
heart, and say, "Well, what are we waiting for? You get out the suitcases, and
phone the airport, while I'm taking my shower."
She'll call it economical