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A Sagittarian girl who's attracted to an Aries man is only doing what comes naturally.
She admires courage, craves excitement, likes to have fun - and the
Ram is certainly not a stick-in-the-mud. True he's somewhat bossy, and inclined
to insist on getting his own way. But he's eternally a sentimental romanticist,
and that's what she's looking for, even though this girl may not recognize
her own goal until someone points it out to her. Once she is made to realize it,
however, she'll gather a goodly number of scars from looking for it in all the
wrong places and ways. But she'll cover them, often with the mask of the clown.
Sag always tells a joke when Jupiter's idealism has been struck. It's a defense
mechanism. This woman desperately needs romance, because only romance can
heal her instinctive cynicism. She was born somewhat skeptical, and her excursions
into love frequently do nothing to soften it, but instead, only sharpen it -
and her wit.
Not being overly sensitive (unless his Moon is in a Water Sign, or his birth
chart contains an extremely well-aspected Neptune), the average Aries man
isn't greatly perceptive when it comes to analyzing human nature. He more or
less takes people as he finds them and may therefore find her need for romance
difficult to conceive when she comes on to him like a comic Valentine, with a
cynical laugh, lugging a copy of Kate Millett's
him to possess her. Or when she wears one of her other Sagittarian theatrical
masks that disguise her as a wacky, wriggling puppy - or as a shy, withdrawn
In her heart, the Sagittarian girl longs for an intelligent, honest man, who
will take her into his warm arms and protect her forever - from herself. Before "Here lies
He didn't have to mention that he was President. That was already taken
care of elsewhere on his marker, by tradition. So Tom could afford the selfeffacing
gesture of excluding it from the tribute to his accomplishments which
he composed himself. Like all Rams, Thomas Jefferson was a radical, an innovator
of new ideas, a fiery lover of independence - and most certainly not bashful.
But why should he have been? After all, he did pioneer, develop and manifest
all those things, with his Mars enthusiasm and courage. Why should he
hide his light behind a bushel of false humility? In the area of ego, the Aries
man and his Sagittarian woman won't have much tension. Well, maybe a little,
but not much. As a Cardinal sign, he can't help his instincts to lead. As a Mutable
sign, she's not consumed with the ego or personality. She'd rather keep it
tucked out of sight if it interferes with her traveling around in her mind, or geographically.
Mutable signs are not unduly ego-driven. (The other two Mutables
are Pisces and Virgo, and these people are hardly pushy egotists.) Of the three
Mutables, Sag is perhaps the most conscious of the
of the Archer is seldom overdone.
The term "self-conscious" is confusing and contradictory. One thinks of it more self-conscious than her Pisces and Virgo mutableless so than the male Ram.
your boss, and he needed you? I'll just bet he needed you, that sneaky
old goat. As for you, you have the morals of an alley cat. (Rams are not
noted for their care in choosing words when the Mars temper is exploding.)
SAG: His dog was due to have puppies, and he was going to let her have them
all by herself. Someone had to help the poor thing.
You spent the entire night in Mr. Cromwell's town house because he's
poor thing.
SAG: I meant the dog. Mr. Cromwell is a creep. He went to bed, and I had to
deliver the puppies all by myself in the kitchen. One of them was born
dead. It was so sad. I cried all the way home in the taxi.
A dirty old man who seduces his secretary into sleeping with him is not a
sorry, I didn't realize . . .
SAG: YOU mean you didn't
alley cat. That's an obvious indication of your psychotic hatred for animals,
using a poor cat to symbolize a prostitute - which you think I am.
Just leave - I never want to see you again!
A few scenes like that, changing names, places and situations, and the Ram
will learn, hopefully before he's lost her, that unfounded jealousy is something
she won't stand for, because it implies she's dishonest, and Sagittarians all have
a thing about truth and integrity that amounts to a regular neurosis with some
of them. Just ask their psychiatrists. If she had submitted to Mr. Cromwell's
seductions, she would probably have told Aries quite frankly, leaving out none
of the lurid details.
Barring such a forthright confession, the Ram should have faith in her.
True, Sagittarian women, like Gemini and Pisces women, percentage-wise, are
tempted more often into experiments in sexual promiscuity or multiple affairs
than their other Sun Sign sisters, because they are Mutable, and also dual in nature
- but the Archer is not sneaky. Whatever the Aries man may accuse her
of, it should not be deception. This woman will always be true to herself, and to
the man she loves, until she falls out of love with him - or until he unfairly
doubts her. Even then, she's more apt to break off their relationship angrily and
emotionally than to be unfaithful simply to punish him. (Unless she has a Scorpio
Moon Sign or Ascendent.) Even those girl Archers who have a history of casually
changing sexual partners will normally indulge in only one affair at a
time, and such behavior is usually triggered by a series of severe romantic disillusionments.
Both Sag and Aries are equally guilty of flashes of conceit, bossiness and
recklessness, which they both consider to be virtues. They're also both hampered
by a contempt for caution, prudence and patience, which they both consider
to be vices.
Once they've discovered that compromise is the best way to solve their disagreements
and end their quarrels, they can achieve a kind of mental and emotional
harmony, not to mention physical harmony, that couples who don't gamble
for such high stakes (and who are not guided by the graced-with-mutual-sympathy
5-9 vibration) could ever hope to reach. Their sexual rapport should be both
stimulating and quieting . . . warm, imaginative . . . and full of shooting stars. As
long as she remembers that "silence is golden" during their lovemaking and refrains
from puncturing his passion at a strategic point with one of her Sagittarian
verbal arrows. Intimate moments are not the ideal time for cheerful chatter or
candid observations. Otherwise, the way these two express and share the sexual
side of their love can be deeply satisfying for both of them.
Neither of these two Sun Signs is stingy by nature, so money shouldn't create
many problems between them, except perhaps where and how to get it, after
they've spent it all. If it comes to a race to see who's more extravagant, you can
bet on the Ram, since the typical or average Archer is normally a few (short)
lengths behind Sag in scattering lettuce around carelessly. Her general disposition
may be a degree or so calmer than his too, but you can't really depend on
this, unless she has a Pisces or Taurus Ascendent or Moon Sign, so he'd best not
think it will save him when he tries to boss her around, or insult her cooking or
housekeeping, neither of which are the average girl Archer's strong points.
The important thing for the Aries man to realize is that this girl is as much
of an idealist about love and Life as he is - perhaps even more so. Her popularity
and her friendly, open manner with men doesn't change the quality of her
basic integrity. Does his fondness for innocent and harmless feminine admiration
mean infidelity on his part? No, it doesn't. Seldom, if ever. Like her, he'll
remain faithful to love until love is no longer there, and even then will tend
more to confession than to secrecy. But he might consider the fact that she has
her fears too. Very much like his own. As long as he's honest with her, this girl
will love him with her whole heart, run bravely alongside him wherever he wants
to go. She may lose her temper and say things she doesn't mean - but the moment
she knows he's really hurt, she'll rush to his side to bind up his wounds,
whether they're physical or emotional, with an unexpected tenderness and gentleness.
Then the flames of their Fire Element natures will ignite all over again,
just like the first time.
The only thing he needs to remember is to be honest with her always -
keep the make-believe and excitement alive in their relationship - and not
speak rashly, in anger. Exactly the same things she needs to remember about
him. These two are so much alike. Proud. Brave. Generous. Impulsive. Pas
sionate. Independent. Idealistic. And very, very vulnerable to coldness and rejection
. . . especially from each other. Once they've permanently conquered
their mutual unintentional selfishness, nothing can separate them. The
strength of their love is unconquerable. Mars and Jupiter are a formidable combination.
You cried a l l . . . so that's why your makeup is smeared. Darling, I'mtrust me. Don't try to apologize. You called me an

as indicating humility or embarrassment - or a degree of introversion. Isn't
this the image conjured for you when a person is described as "self-conscious"?
Oddly, we Americans have twisted the true meaning, which is, of course, "conscious-
of-the-self' - and that certainly has naught to do with humility, introversion
or any of those submerging-of-the-ego patterns. Anyway, whatever, the
girl Centaur is a few degrees
sisters, yet considerably
Not all, but by far the largest majority of Sagittarian women prefer male
friends to female friends, so the jealous Ram will have lots of opportunities to
remind himself that she's only being friendly, cheerful and gregarious, not unfaithful.
She's more than a little inclined toward jealousy herself when goaded,
but not nearly so much as he. Whatever number of mean little green monsters
do hide in the background of her aura won't have many chances to appear, because
her Aries lover or husband also prefers the company of men. Isn't that
That's another thing. This girl is lucky. Somehow, a great many of her
worst goofs turn out right side up, under the benevolent and fortunate influence
of her ruler, Jupiter, who blessed her at birth like a faerie godfather (an interesting
term) with the shining qualities of faith and optimism, which, when combined,
are a mighty powerful force for sheer "luck," which isn't luck at all, only
the result of the law of magnetism. One attracts what one images - and she images
happiness a great deal of the time.
Despite her general air of loose or unconventional social behavior, remember
that Jupiter rules spiritual insight and prophetic essence of all religion.
This girl possesses an inner innocence and a touching faith in people (at least
she did when she was younger) that often place her in awkward positions, and
make it seem she's more flirtatious than she really is. It all begins so innocently.
self, and the "self-consciousness"

he can do that, the Ram will have to gently remove her greasepaint, and tell her
firmly that the musical comedy is over. She'll protest, because she loves the theatre
and she also shares Cinderella's fear of the midnight curfew, when her
coach turns into a pumpkin. Nevertheless, it must be done. A girl Archer is
much easier to handle when she's sitting in a pumpkin, barefoot and humble,
than when she's flying around at the ball, flirting and flapping her defiance at a
man. Once she's been properly bent into submission (a task about as easy as
trying to pass a race horse while riding a turtle), she can be the sweetest woman
in the world. But the Aries man will need a quick turtle to catch the Sagittarius
He can comfort himself with the thought that this girl is not only slightly
clumsy in a physical sense (despite her graceful walk and bearing) - she's also a
little clumsy emotionally. Sooner or later, she'll stumble. Then he can pick her
up in his warm, understanding arms, plunk her down in that pumpkin, and
demonstrate the facts of life to her - the facts of life being that he is a man and
she is a woman. (Sag is a masculine sign, you know.) He could find this even
more of a challenge than taming the Aries female, because a girl Archer, being
half horse, can run faster than a Ram. If he can convince her that she can trust
him to love her completely (unlike those other phony hypocrites who broke her
heart), she'll reward him with freedom, stimulating conversation, devoted
friendship, affection, humor, warmth and generosity. All that is surely worth a
little trouble at the starting gate.
In the beginning, the Ram will be outraged by her blunt speech and lack of
consideration for his tender male ego. Neither will he be happy with her sheer
luck in winning all the Monopoly games by intuitively grabbing up Boardwalk
and Park Place, and in general, making him look foolish in front of his friends
with her frankness. Aries men are determined to retain their masculine superiority,
independence and personal freedom at any cost. If he has trouble communicating
this to her, he might try a little history. "Baby, do you know who wrote
the greatest statement of freedom the world has ever known - the Declaration
of Independence? A male Ram, named Tom Jefferson. Who else could have
authored such a glorious example of independence, but an Aries?" It might impress
Of course, there are other things that same history lesson might teach her
too, like the absence of humility in the Mars nature. Arian Thomas Jefferson
also wrote his own epitaph, a typical example of Aries modesty:
Thomas Jefferson, Author of the Declaration of Independence, Author of the
Statute of Virginia for Religious Liberty, and Founder of the University of Virginia."
Sexual Revolution, and defying


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