Friday, November 5, 2010


It's a 5-9 astrological fact, and there's no room for argument. A Gemini male is
irresistible when he is effortlessly magnetizing a poor Libra girl into deserting
her nicely balanced life and pledging her heart to an uncertain future, flying in everything work both ways with Gemini and Libra?telling you that. She'll be surprised and hurt when he eventually
and out of ideas, towns, cities, and moods with him. Of course, it works both
ways. Doesn't
It's just as fascinating to watch an irresistible Libra female spilling clouds
of gentle, helpless, femininity all over a poor Gemini man, convincing him that
it's his own idea to settle down and do the only sensible, logical thing after falling
in love - get married, get a job, raise a family, and stay in one place with one
person who can handle both of him - namely her. Who wins this romantic
game? It sometimes depends on which one has the stronger Moon sign, but
usually it will be she, not he.
Whoever makes the initial approach, the laws of physics and chemistry soon
take over, and these lovers will soon be turning airy dream castles into solid,
substantial mortgages, because she smells so good, is so soft and cuddly, while
he is so quick and bright and intelligent, and can beat her at chess and checkers.
A Libra woman will seldom glance twice at a man beneath her intellectuality.
And a Gemini man will seldom sacrifice his precious freedom for a woman
who can't anagram his thoughts and work crossword dreams with him. It's always
amusing to watch a Gemini magician get fooled by one of his own magic
tricks with a few new twists. Yet, there is a certain poetic justice about it. Here
he has spent all his life charming girls, weaving his way in and out of romances,
making it seem it was always his partner's fault, never his, glibly charming his
way back into being friends again, and, in general, enjoying his enviable ability
to handle every situation with a string of words from Webster's accompanied by
small-boy innocence.
Now he meets a female who is more than his match at the game of guile,
who gives him right back what he dishes out. After he has been led to think he
has wooed and won her, after he allows her to harness his free spirit within the
confining bonds of matrimony - (let other women play house in the New Age of
sexual freedom, Libra females will settle only for a wedding ring) - after all
that, he will discover that her gentle, soft, persuasive and amiable manner covers
a cool, brilliant mind, a strong will, and a steely determination to get exactly
what she wants. This is no fluffy bunny rabbit - this is a WAC field general!
A Libra female will always manage to get her own way under the guise of
fairness, femininity and helplessness, but Libra is, in the final analysis, a masculine
sign. I keep
sees through her, which he will, because no one, not even Libra, can fool the
twinkling Gemini intellect for long. She didn't mean to be unfair or deceptive.
To Libra, all is fair in love and war between the sexes, and the female of the species,
in this respect, is more deadly than the male.
Her intriguing mind which so attracted him in the beginning of the romance
will later make her a dangerous opponent in a discussion, since she's so skillful
at the art of putting him at a disadvantage by arousing him into a display of
temper, thereby causing him to lose his cool and poise. Then she has him at her
mercy, while she claims tearfully that he is a brute, and his anger is certain evidence
that he is wrong. Over and over again, she will outmaneuver him by using
his own trick of twisting his statements and intent, leaving him unable to pin
down the flaw in her arguments because of her capacity for doing things with
such subtlety, and it doesn't seem she is doing anything at all, but fairly and
justly defending her position.
A Libra woman is as impatient of constraint as any of the twelve Sun Signs,
though perhaps not quite as much so as Gemini, Aquarius, Sag and Aries. For
the Gemini lover or husband to attempt to impose any sort of restriction upon
her would not be a wise idea. Just remember those Orientals (Libra rules the
Orient). They cannot be controlled by other races effectively because, while
they appear to be gentle and patient, offering no resistance, they will, nevertheless,
always manage to find some subtle way of nullifying the opposition. The thinking, he never stops to think.
He has no wish to attack, but his verbal outbursts can be sharp and cutting
to the Libra girl, who by nature covers every opinion with the softer blur of tact
and courtesy. Still, with his innate Mercurial charm, he'll win her over and
make her believe he didn't mean what he said, which he probably didn't (Geminis
never mean what they say for longer than an hour or so).
Their physical relationship may not be comprehensible to those born under
Fire or Earth signs, but to them it will be enough to fill their hearts with peace
and fulfillment. Neither is genuinely passionate, not really capable of love as
more intensely emotional people experience it. There will always be something
delicate and detached about their lovemaking - poetic and haunting, yes - but
sensual, no. Yet the banked fires of the sexual blending between this man and
woman are as magnetic and binding to their mutual air natures as the more torrid
contacts between other mates and lovers. Romance will eternally be more
important to both Gemini and Libra than sex. This attitude will predominate
and suffuse their intimacy with a beauty all its own.
These two do not view love as an erotic appetite to be appeased, but as an
art to be refined - not as lust, but as mutual pleasure - to be sipped slowly, not
gulped greedily or blindly. There's an undeniable air of voluptuousness about a
Libra woman, but also an air of refinement. Grossness, coarseness, obscenity
and vulgarity offend her.
(Of course, an earthier Moon Sign or Ascendent or a severe affliction between
Venus and Mars in her natal chart can dilute this basic part of her Sun
Sign nature - but, as always, with all Sun Signs, we're speaking of the typical
Libra Lady.)
There's small chance she'll be offended in such manner by the Gemini man,
who privately feels the same way she does, although he may need more variety
of expression in their physical union than his Venus-ruled wife. Yes, she will
eventually become his wife - or leave. Libra rules marriage, you know, and it's
a very rare Libran who is satisfied with an emotional relationship other than
marital for any length of time.
The typical Libra girl who normally can't make up her mind about love any
faster than she can about anything else, may nevertheless feel an impulse to
rush into matrimony with a Gemini man before she's taken the time to balance
her dipping Scales of decision. The infallible sign of a salesman is his ability to
make people fight for the article he's trying to sell, and Gemini is a salesman supreme.
When the article he's trying to sell is himself, the Libra girl is no more
invulnerable to the Mercury charm and gift of glamour than the rest of his dazzled
audience. She's sensible, intelligent, perceptive and all that, but these
qualities seem to fail her when she's losing her heart to this gentle man with the
bright eyes, light touch and far-out dreams.
Money may be a trifle more important to her than it is to him. Just a trifle
more. The accumulation of cash and the manipulation of finances is not the
prime motivation of either Libra or Gemini, except for the occasional natives of
these Sun Signs who almost accidently wander into the banking business. To
Gemini, money only becomes really important when he doesn't have it - when
he desperately needs it. To Libra, money is important because of the luxuries,
comforts and beauty of surroundings it can buy. Yet, stinginess and greediness
are not qualities belonging to the Air Element, so there should be few disputes
in this area, unless the Gemini man throws it away too freely, speculates too often,
or gambles on long shots. When he spends beyond the budget, it will usually
be connected with some new idea or promotion, a vacation or a change of residence
- at the very least, a brief change of scene. When she's extravagant, it's
more often lavished on clothes, dancing, singing or music lessons, sculpture, drama
or Yoga classes, and the like. Sometimes, home decor and beauty parlors.
They're basically alike in their attitudes toward money, as in many other matters,
although they may differ in their manner of using it, from time to time.
(Naturally, a stingier or more economical Moon Sign or Ascendent may slightly
change the picture in either birth chart, but not substantially.)
Their homes will probably be filled with music, flowers, books - and children.
Those who love within the vibration of the 5-9 influence often decide to
raise a family together, despite their reluctance to have children with members
of other Sun Signs. They'll do a lot of traveling, either mentally or geographically,
the relatives of each will be prominent in their relationship, and they may
find religion or higher education grounds for agreement - or periodic dispute.
If these two are also graced by a harmonious Sun-Moon aspect between
their respective nativities, their relationship will be smooth sailing on sparkling
water, perhaps punctuated by a few storms and reefs, but, on the whole, like
floating downstream on a feather. With a tense aspect between their Luminaries,
the air could become humid, muggy, and even smoggy now and then, but
there will always be the chance to run back into each other's arms for forgiveness
after a quarrel, however serious - to try again.
He'll send sorry flowers, she'll recall the way the lights danced in his eyes,
like a small boy, when he was excited, overlook his flaws, melt into his heart
once more - and begin all over again to analyze why she loves him. But she
won't solve the puzzle until she realizes that he is Twins, two-men-in-one. A Libra
woman is compelled to balance any duality she comes across into a harmonious
whole, by virtue of her Venus essence. She'll never completely accomplish
it, of course, but she may come closer to his magic than he'll ever allow anyone
else to come. Except, of course, for the other half of himself.

Gemini man will never gain a total victory over the Libra woman. Just when he
thinks he has succeeded in breaking down all her arguments, she will have
slipped around to another tactic or emotional strategy, catching him off guard
again. But he should also keep in mind the curious detachment of Libra. She
will take infinite pains to win her way, but when she fails, she has nearly the
same mental satisfaction in the analysis of the reason for failure as she would
have if she had been successful. He should keep this in mind, mainly because
the same thing is true of himself. The two of them are much alike in many ways,
influenced as they are by the very favorable and harmonious 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern
vibration. They are sympatico, and often complement one another even in
the areas where they differ.
Essentially, Gemini and Libra are wonderfully compatible, possessing many
virtues (as well as vices) in common. They tend to respect each other's mentality,
privacy, and freedom of thought and speech - normally. Yet there will be
times when he wounds her deeply and is completely baffled by her hurt reaction,
by the unexpected violence of her emotions. Any Libra woman in love with
a Gemini man will understand why it has been said of the Mercury-ruled male
that he is so busy


  1. I don't like to admit this but this is so true about the libra and Gemini relationship that i got chills from reading it
    and if the relationship did not work the first time when you see one another you can pick up where you left off years later


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  5. I just read this and I am in shock. I'm a libra woman and my lover is a gemini man. This is us exactly!!!!

  6. I just read this and I am in shock. I'm a libra woman and my lover is a gemini man. This is us exactly!!!!

  7. I fell in love with a Libra woman & we've broken up for seven months.It hurts because I don't believe I'll have a second chance to prove my love to her

    1. One word.. Propose.. But don't do it unless you and your twin want this...That's the only way you will win her back... I'm a libra, I know this...

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  9. what a bful article written with such enormous depth and craftiness I could just imagine being in love with a Libran lady ; )

  10. Very true article I love ready each and every one of sentence, the most in depth article I've read thus far.