Friday, November 5, 2010


A Libra woman is unpredictable. You never know how she's going to manage to
get her own way. All you can be sure of is that she'll get it.
"What?" you'll exclaim. "A sweet, feminine girl like her is bossy?" Yes.
A sweet, feminine girl like her is bossy. But that doesn't mean she has to advertise
the fact by having it stamped on her bikini -
think she's a female Bull.) The Libra woman is ruled by Venus, the gentle planet
of peace and love and beauty and harmony - all those delicious things. A
Taurus man is ruled by Venus too. But Taurus is a feminine sign. And Libra is
a masculine sign. That doesn't make her a tomboy, anymore than it makes him
a sissy (the
man to be born under a masculine sign, and for a woman to be born under a
feminine sign. It makes doing what comes naturally - more natural. However,
it isn't necessarily unfortunate the other way around. Usually, a masculine vibration
only makes a girl more spunky - and a feminine vibration only makes a
man more sensitive. There's nothing wrong with the sexes trading a few virtues
back and forth. The danger lies in overdoing it. These two probably will not.
They may
Of all men born under a feminine Sun Sign, the Bull is less likely to overdo
the feminine qualities of passivity, acquiescence, submission, and so forth. It
simply keeps his virility and stubbornness balanced by sweetness and tenderness,
if he doesn't overemphasize the caveman bit. The Libra girl will have a little
more trouble with the sexual balancing act. After all, she's symbolized by the
Scales, and scales have a delicate mechanism of adjustment. Her innate sense of
fairness and impartial judgment, plus her masculine Sun Sign vibes, may lead
her to announce: "Darling, I'm joining a women's lib group. We're going to picket
the White House."
His innate sense of conventional behavior, plus his respect for authority
and firm convictions about a female's function in life, may lead him to answer:
"You make a fool of yourself in front of the President, and I'll liberate you by
chaining you to the bed until you get some sense, woman." Under that kind of
dictatorial attitude, Venus di Milo can turn into Stonewall Jackson, as her
Scales dip precariously from feminine to masculine.
A Libra girl nearly always is beautiful. Even if her features are plain, her
is sensibly utilized for silent contemplation. With Libra, it's intellectually utilized
for lengthy discussions of pro and con that can last far into the night. She
may have occasion to resent his lack of enthusiasm in contributing to the talkathon.
HER: I'm for legalized abortion . . . I think. Do you believe anyone has the right
to tell a woman what to do with her own body?
HIM: I never thought about it. Nobody ever tried to tell me what to do with my
HER: Well,
you found out you were pregnant?
HIM: (yawning) I'd change my name from Earl to Gladys.
HER: Please be serious, sweetheart. Do you believe the Catholic Church should
be allowed to lobby against legal abortion, and claim it's murder?
HIM: According to both the Bible and the Constitution, they should.
HER: Maybe you're right. On the other hand, what about the population explosion?
HIM: (yawning again) An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That's
what my grandmother used to say.
HER: That's true. An abortion can create emotional scars in both the woman
and the man. Metaphysically speaking, a soul shouldn't be denied its
channel of birth. Still, when you look at the other side, if a girl is unmarried,
and her parents won't help her
HIM: SO she calls a home for unwed mothers. Say, listen, are you pregnant?
HER: Ah! That's just the point. Do those homes influence the girl in her decision
about adoption - as opposed to abortion - as opposed to keeping
her baby? It certainly isn't fair if
HIM: ZZ-ZZ-ZZ-ZZ-ZZ-ZZ-ZZ-ZZ-ZZ-ZZ-z-z-z-zzzzzzzzzzzz
She shouldn't judge him too harshly. He tried. But as soon as he satisfied
himself that the problem under discussion wasn't his
interest. She could awaken him very easily, by turning out the lights, and giving
him a silent message about a subject that
love. Just because she failed to arouse him into passionate verbal declarations
and opinions doesn't mean she won't be able to arouse him physically. A Bull
can always be led into becoming passionate about passion.

The physical magnetism between this man and woman is often very powerful,
probably the basis for the initial attraction - and familiarity will seldom
breed contempt. It will more likely add depth to the sexual expression of their
love. Her approach may be a few shades too abstract for his sensual, earthy
needs. Yet, they are both sentimental romanticists who understand how to
blend eroticism with affection to achieve total fulfillment together. This is a 6-8
Sun Sign Pattern stressing sexual curiosity and satisfaction - and also emphasizing
unselfish devotion and service.
Undeniably, the Taurus man is often a great blessing to the Libra woman.
His very presence soothes her restless spirit. And no one can more solidly and
dependably guide her through those Libran moments of sometimes agonizing
indecision more comfortingly than the Bull. His warmness and humor - his reliability
and common sense - are often just the qualities she's been searching
for out there among the clouds. After all, even the birds rest in the trees now
and then... and build their nests there, where they feel safe and secure
. . . however much they may enjoy flying.
Another rather lovely thing about these two is that her natural Pollyanna
optimism can act as a beautiful balance for the Bull's natural tendency toward
pessimism. No one can cheer up a Taurus man, when he's down in the dumps of
depression, as effortlessly as this charming lady. He could balk, if she tries to
drag him into her social whirl, or expects him to blow up the printed balloons
she carries in the protest parades. But he'll be a lovable Teddy Bear when she
wheedles him with her wide smile and coaxes him with her maple-sugar voice.
He privately admires her intelligence, as long as she acknowledges the fact of
masculine superiority. It's a rare Bull who truly believes, in his heart, that men
and women are equal in all ways. A Taurus man will be proud of the way his Libra
lady manages things so smoothly. The trick is to keep him from discovering
that her real talent lies in managing
she finally makes up her mind. With Taurus, the decision-making periodthink about it. What would you do if someone raped you, and thenEarl? Earl!personal concern, he lostdoes affect him, intimately - making him.
three-day camping trip, you know, and I
I suppose you're thinking I need a shave. Well, I just got back from a
tell me you had decided to grow a beard?
Sweetheart, I think it's a perfectly marvelous idea! Why didn't you
your senses, woman. Never!
A beard? And look like some freaked-out hippie? Me? You've lost
will it take to grow it completely?
Other men might. But you'd look like one of the apostles. How long
guess. One of the apostles, huh?
I was just getting ready to sha... uh, well, it might take a few weeks, I
it, darling?
I think Matthew. Or maybe Mark. When did you decide to do
Somehow, it gives you a different perspective on things . . . .
Oh, you know how it is, sitting around in the woods, by the campfire.

absolutely stunning smile makes you think she's beautiful. She has dimples, her
eyes are soft, her voice is clear and lovely, her manners are graceful. She lets
you pull out her chair, hold open her door, and carry her packages with an air of
appealing helplessness. Outwardly, she's an angel of femininity. Inwardly, she's
driven by the masculine principles of her Cardinal Sign of Leadership: force -
strength - courage - positive action - penetration - conquer and dominate.
She can manage her own career, and she's adept at getting everything she wants
out of life - or from a man. It doesn't mean she's invulnerable to hurt, but she
wears a tougher suit of armour to protect her from it than her manner might
suggest and she recuperates quickly.
Taurus recuperates slowly from a broken heart. All the more reason for
him to be sure he knows the rules before he plays any romantic games with a Libra
female. The Bull makes decisions only after careful consideration. He
doesn't like to discuss a situation until it's already settled in his mind. Then he
acts with deliberation and seldom changes his opinion. She acts with equal deliberation
and also seldom changes her opinion. Once she's made up her mind,
she carries through with incredible energy and purpose. So she can't understand
why people unjustly accuse her of being indecisive. What gives her such
an unfair reputation is the period of weighing and balancing she goes through
"Bossy." (Someone mightBull a sissy? ). It has deeper implications. It's always easier for aunderdo it.

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