Friday, November 5, 2010


The fact that the Gemini woman and the Libra man are so much alike is what
makes them so compatible and happy together. Also, the fact that the Gemini
woman and the Libra man are so much alike is what starts most of the trouble
between them.
They know each other only too well, sympathize with one another's dreams
and idiosyncrasies, can calmly cope with their mutual chameleon qualities, comprehend
each other's various moods, and will usually stick together against outsiders
who don't understand the airy mentality. If either he or she has a more
sensitive and emotional Water Element or a more stable Earth Element as a
Moon Sign or Ascendent, their happiness and bliss is pretty much astrologically
insured. Otherwise, these two are still guaranteed a far better than average
chance for success, except for small flurries on especially windy days. They can
both be a trifle windy, full of both cool breezes and hot air. As a 5-9 Sun Sign
Pattern, they are more harmoniously matched than most couples who are trying
to fit the jig-saw pieces of the puzzle of love into a perfect picture.
Both of them are aesthetically inclined, moved by beauty, acutely disturbed
by untidiness, ugliness, and disorder. Yet, despite this mutual essence, Gemini
and Libra, while needing, even demanding loveliness and order, may frequently
need a brisk Sagittarian, an energetic Aries, or an efficient Virgo maid to clean
up after them. Of course, some Geminis and Librans are tidy. But even they
would prefer to have someone else straighten out their messes - emotionally as
well as actually. Since Gemini is quicker, she will often be the one to follow her
Libra man around, picking up his discarded socks and banana peels. In return,
he will probably not deny her the money (if he has it) to make their surroundings
ever more comfortable and beautiful. More often than not, the nest of
these two love birds is charming, tasteful, pleasant to the eye, and probably full
of books. Even if they live in a tent, it will be well pegged and insulated, with
maybe burned etchings on the canvas for decor - and the soft sound of tomtoms
beating in the background. Soft, I said. Not too disturbing, because Libra
can't stand loud noises, lopsided stools or crooked tent pegs.
When this man and woman quarrel, it will almost always be she who starts
it - and he who finishes it. At least it will seem that way to observers. A Gemini
female, for all her airy charm and delicate femininity, possesses a sharp, satirical
tongue, and she's not reluctant to use it when her fast mind urges her to
express her quick opinions. Her Libra lover or husband will have recognized
early in Life that rudeness and frank speech is a stumbling block to achieving
his true and secret purpose, whether in love or business. So he projects a sort of
gentle amiability (most times) and is an expert at hiding his passions and intent
behind a smooth smile and a persuasive voice. Yes, she may have started it verbally.
But he may be at the
- by spending two weeks to make up his mind whether they should take
their vacation this month or next, while she had to stall the airlines and coax
them into holding their reservations during the busy season or something
similar. Therefore, regardless of who outwardly starts the fussing, he is seldom
Libra men are never as innocent as they look and sound, or as they would
like to have you believe. In fact, there are times (rare, but they do exist) when feels to him like she is there. And, ofis - the one who has vowed to love and cherish him, never to
his Scales are dipping, and he can be as cranky as a cuckoo bird stuck in the little
clock door. On those occasions, however, he probably apologizes so sweetly,
overwhelming her with so much sugary Libra charm, that she may forget to remember
his grumpiness later. Strangers who gaze upon the Libra man's
smooth, even features have no way of knowing about the painfully articulated
resolves forming in his mind beneath his cheerful exterior - or the crankiness
displayed to his intimates while these are in the formative stage.
A Gemini girl might take a notion to be a dress designer. Then she could
become dazzled by the idea of getting a pilot's license and maybe her own Lear
jet. Following that, she could take a new notion to translate Sanskrit, study the
Dead Sea scrolls, open a pet shop or enroll in law school. But the Libra man can
handle all her tangled notions and emotions better than an Earth Sign male,
who might erupt like a volcano - a Fire Sign male, who might burn all the oxygen
out of her enthusiasms - or a Water Sign male, who might dampen her excitement
with a wet blanket.
Libra understands Gemini's wanderlust of the mind and heart, yet is stable
and logical enough to control her more erratic impulses before they blow up out
of proportion, gently pointing out the pros and cons to her, until she decides to
find her bluebird a little closer to home - and to him.
Serene is the word. Libra can be a serene influence on Gemini, except for
those occasional cranky-bear spells he charms her into forgetting. Goodness
knows the Gemini girl needs serenity. Hers is a restless spirit, a seeking soul.
She longs poignantly to know what she wants, where she stands, who she is and
why she's going - or coming. The Libra man is the most logical one to explain
all this to her. But... well, you see . . . a Gemini girl is made up of so many
fragments - of honey and spice and everything nice, yes. Yet, she's far more
than this. She's all the books she ever studied, a reflection of the ideas and philosophies
of her mirror-image Twin, diametrically opposed to her own. She's
the swinging rope she skipped in childhood, the plaintive wail of the gulls, and
the secrets she whispered to the sandpipers on the beach she once walked along,
the memory of her first dance . . . tumbleweeds and tornadoes . . . the flickering
candles of a half-forgotten New Year's Eve. These fragments of the Gemini girl
make up her private world, where the Libra man who loves her can never freely
roam, even though he may guide her through i t . . . from a distance.
There's something judicial and cold in Libra's balanced thinking process,
despite his charm and sweetness, that doesn't permit him to enter the deep
woods of the changeable fairyland where she and her Twin so frequently dwell.
He can watch her lovingly, as she removes her shoes and runs through the grass
barefoot - he can wait by the gate until she returns from her faraway land, but
he can never truly join her. Why? Because he would first have to locate it on a
map, see if an airline booked a flight there, learn its population and study its
chief industry, before loping off with her. Otherwise, how could he prove to
himself logically that such a place really does exist? And if it doesn't exist, why
go there at all? There's an invisible veil between this man and woman, for all
their many similarities of personality.
Their physical relationship is usually blessed with nearly complete fulfillment,
the kind of fulfillment only two Air Signs are able to comprehend (or desire).
At night, sometimes lying alone beside her (yes, lying alone beside her)
he's grateful when she returns from her make-believe world, back into his arms,
often not even guessing that fragments of her are still out there, chasing moonbeams
and playing tag with the stars. She
course, part of her
leave him. She can't be expected to account for the other, wayward one - her
Twin, who refuses to obey, even when she, herself, pleads.
Their sexual union will not be as all consuming as that between two Fire or
Earth signs, but it can be as refreshing as a summer storm, with flashes of thunder
and lightning. They are both airy, mental souls, living primarily in the
mind, not in the emotions, and so explosive passion may be missing, but the total
peace and tranquility of a deeply affectionate blending can be theirs. Sex, as
with all 5-9 Sun Sign Patterns, is important to this couple, but not primary for
happiness. Romantic love is equally needed, perhaps even more desired, by
both, and forms the true basis for the initial attraction between them.
These two will take turns being the aggressive partner in their lovemaking.
Both can switch from active to passive, from masculine to feminine, in a strange,
mystical way that makes their sexual experiences a constantly changing yet harmoniously
blended delight. If they have twin beds, there might be a few discussions
about who gets to sleep nearest the window, but aside from such minor adjustments,
these two will usually wake up in each other's arms, sharing a goodmorning
embrace that melts the previous night's disputes, as the Sun disperses
They may need and complete each other physically, yet it's possible that he
may be more in love with her mind and spirit than with her body, and she may
have more interest in his intellect and soul than in his sexuality - even though
they may be only dimly aware of this. The chemistry between two Air Signs is
misty, mental, and variable - rather than earthy, passionate, and sensual. Not
all Gemini girls desire children, and very few dream of large families, but when
they do, it will often be a Libra man who is chosen to father them. Many Gemini
girls who would not have a child with any other man will find motherhood
more attractive with a Libra male.
If she marries him, it will be because she likes the way he sings or dances or
whistles the way he moves and walks and talks and winks. The way he
dresses too. Then, womanlike, she may set about to try to change him afterwards.
Ruled by Venus as he is, the Libra man may tolerate this and try to
please her, because he loves her - until he finally realizes that, although she
thrives on change, too much change affects his own equilibrium. So he'll roar
(gently) and put his foot down (softly) to prove he's a masculine Cardinal Sign,
return to his old ways - and it will probably be best for both of them.
They're likely to do lots of traveling together, may have either religious or
educational reasons for getting together, and may meet on a trip. If he ever gets
interested in UFO's, it will probably be because of her. She will inspire him to
reach heights he would not have aspired to reach without her. Because they
both have wings on their heels - and hearts - they may change residence more
often than lovers or mates born under other Sun Signs.
There is little doubt that the Gemini woman will at times confuse and confound
her Libra lover or husband. She is, after all, so many women in one. She
can be the most talkative when he's trying to think or struggling with a decision,
the prettiest when she has provoked him into a spell of rare Libra anger, the
most silent when he wants to show her off to his friends, the most energetic at
bedtime, the laziest in the morning when he's waiting for his poached eggs - but
what other woman could be such a kaleidoscope of grief, joy, annoyance, happiness,
embarrassment, irritation, delight, and frustration as this twin-packaged
mystery of femininity?
True, she can be untidy, lose the car keys, tangle up the checkbook, waste
his time and money, destroy his dignity, and try his temper - but just when he's
ready to walk out, her little-girl misty tears begin to splash, switching almost instantly
into a rippling Gemini laugh and he's lost again, caught between
the myriad women bottled up inside this girl, who needs his strength if she's
ever going to find her way out of the woods.
As for him, he'll relentlessly try to force her to be more logical and stable,her tendency to see all these things, not as they are, but asought to be. She sees what she desires to see, coloring facts with fancy,
criticize her faults, refuse to help her pick daisies when he has work to do, shatter
her fragile nerves, and sometimes behave like a stern judge, pronouncing
sentence over her free spirit - but when her dreams are scattered, her house
and her hair are both a mess, and she feels like a silly, foolish child, he can make
her feel like a woman when he smiles and says, "I don't know why I love you so
much, but I do."
Then she realizes that she's the one problem he can never balance on his
Scales and make come out even. Being a daughter of Eve, she will privately
smile, knowing that the solution to the enigma of herself can never be totally
analyzed by his intellect, only by his heart. Yet, also perversely, Eve-like, she'll
refuse to share this key to love's Gemini secret with him, wanting him to guess.
One serious level of disagreement within this liaison of Air will be the Libra
man's proclivity to weigh and judge things - to see life, people and situations in
the proper perspective and balance, coolly and logically, with an odd sort of detachment,
void of all whimsical notion. Not only does this facet of his nature
clash rather sharply with his own inherent optimism and faith, it will also frequently
conflict with
avoiding delusion (to her way of thinking) by drenching everything with illusion.
If he doesn't make a sincere effort to comprehend her attitude with compassion,
she may be forced to tell little white lies to defend her viewpoint. This
woman can be frightened of those who demand always the exact, precise, unvarnished
truth, with no allowances made for "maybe" - "perhaps" - and "suppose
it had been." Then, she could be forced to escape by plunging even deeper
into unreality. It wouldn't hurt Libra to add a few sprinkles of Gemini imagination
to all the matters he balances so seriously on his Scales. For truth is often
not what it appears to be - (Mercury taught her that) - logic can be deceptive
and facts can fool.
When the night is frosty and full of stars, who expects a warm summer rain
to be hiding just behind Arcturus? The Twins do. She knows that true wisdom
is only gained by adapting to life's ever-changing patterns. But he cannot accept
today's patterns until he's weighed them mentally against former and future
patterns and found them worthy of acceptance. Somewhere along the way,
near the center of these polarized points of view, Gemini and Libra will meet,
touch lightly linger and love.
bottom of it, the real initial instigator of the quarrel


  1. One of the best interpretations of the compatibility b/w libra man and gemini woman.
    I am a libra man n have feelings for a friend who is a gemini woman, and this blog gave me so much to understand. M feeling happy actually. Its a good feeling to have read this.
    Thank you.

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  2. This is beautiful! Beautifully explained.

  3. This is beautiful! Beautifully explained.

  4. Truly amazing article! I am a Libra Man with a Pisces Moon smitten over a Gemini Woman with Cancer Moon. The logical side of me is trying to understand how on Earth am I attracted to her very existence.

  5. This describes how my Libra makes me feel, im cancer on the Gemini cusp and my Gemini over powers my cancer for the most part, he is my best friend and we met 5 years ago and its been like this between us since, it gives me great hope for our future

  6. This describes how my Libra makes me feel, im cancer on the Gemini cusp and my Gemini over powers my cancer for the most part, he is my best friend and we met 5 years ago and its been like this between us since, it gives me great hope for our future

  7. Does any other gemini women feel like their drowning in a beautiful ocean whenever looking into there libra man eyes?

  8. This explain me and my ex relationship it played out so much like this and the fact we was so much alike we did work which makes me wonder is Libra the best sign for Gemini and also the flirtatious side of a Libra it problem with a Gemini and it does not work because of those reason alone. But beside all that when we were good we were the best of friends so over all this article is true

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