Friday, November 5, 2010


While the Taurus woman sits beneath the rose bush, carefully stitching a piece
of needlework, with the words "Home, Sweet Home," the Gemini man is drumming
his restless fingers on the window pane, humming his own melody and lyric
to "Song of the Open Road." No matter where these two (these three, counting
his invisible Twin self) meet along life's highway, they'll eventually reach a
fork in the path that will force them to flip a coin, to decide which one to take -
the one leading to a comfortable, conventional marriage - or the one leading to
a casual affair, with no strings attached to the heart. Correction:
wrong direction.
Once a Taurus girl is absolutely sure she loves a Gemini man, she'll first try
everything in her considerable power to entice him into a permanent arrangement,
complete with both social and legal sanction. And she possesses more
weapons for enticement than you may think: erotic sensuality, tender affection,
rich humor, fantastic home-baked biscuits, patience and fortitude. If none of
these powerful feminine wiles work, she'll sigh softly, take a deep breath, and one of the ways they differ.)
settle herself cozily into the role of mistress, still secretly using the very same
weapons, but content to wait until he sees the light. "Everything comes to
him - or her - who waits," is her philosophy. A Taurus woman may be cautious
about getting her feet tangled up in romantic poison ivy in the beginning;
she may be slow to allow herself to get tripped up by moonlight and roses, and
fragile promises, at the start. However, once this lady has fallen, she has fallen,
and it takes a steel derrick, or a Mack truck, to pull her out. Sometimes, the
four-wheel drive of her common sense comes to the rescue, sometimes not.
Geminis are equally as wary as Taurus about being trapped in the beginning,
but even after a Mercury Bird has capitulated to love, he keeps one light
foot in the bedroom and one poised on the front porch for ready flight, if necessary.
He'll tenderly give her one of his Twin hearts to have and to hold, but he
hangs on to the other - just in case the one he gave away should happen to become
soiled or broken, or damaged in any way. What good is a cracked heart to
him? It will never sell as a new one. Think of the depreciation. It's a kind of
Gemini insurance policy against disillusionment. That's where they differ. (I
mean, that's
The Taurus woman, who is ordinarily so respectful of all kinds of insurance,
has no emotional insurance against hurt, once she's handed over her loyalty to
another human being. Unless there are severe afflictions to her natal Mars or
Venus (or Sun), this lady will wait out anything, from another woman to poverty.
She'll calmly ignore the changeable antics of her altar-shy, Mercury-ruled
man, and not always - but usually - she'll win. If there are certain planetary
squares or oppositions in her birth chart, it's possible that she may be the one to
break his heart by chasing will-o'-the-wisps of pleasure just to torment her
Gemini man, whose love is delicate and easily torn apart. But that's an exception
to the rule, and the average Taurean Bull will sit serenely by the fire, toasting
her toes and calmly counting the days between visits from her lover.
Her friends will try to make this sentimental woman see that she may be
wasting her life, but she won't listen. She'll stubbornly insist that the delays
preventing their marriage are valid ones, that tomorrow, next week, next month,
next year - it will all work out. They love each other, and love can make anything
happen, can't it? Yes, it can. But not when love is blind, as Taurus love
sometimes is. A Taurean who's convinced she's right is difficult to lead into a
realization of the truth - the truth being that all may not be lost if she recognizes
the danger of a dead-end scene in time to zap some life back into the romance.
But she may not want to admit things aren't as rosy as they could be.
As sensible as she is about everything else, she can be incredibly foolish when it
comes to her own emotional security. If he has the Moon in an Earth or Water
Sign, or she has the Moon in a Fire or Air Sign, they have a better chance to stay
together, each supplying what is missing in the other. And that can be a mighty
satisfying arrangement.
A Gemini man is quickly bored with the same woman, but that doesn't have
to mean infidelity. He just likes to examine the various faces of the girl he loves,
test the nuances of her emotional facets - sort of look at her through trick mirrors,
for a change of mood. But the Taurus female has only three moods: sweet,
affectionate contentment, sullen brooding - and raging fury. A Mercury man
may secretly wish she'd vary them with a few impulsive whims, careless excitement,
or a game of emotional hide-and-seek, now and then. She may hate
change, but learning to adapt to new patterns is a necessity for a woman in love
with a pair of Gemini Twins.
She might like it, if she tried doing something new and wild each week. It
doesn't have to be as far out as astral traveling, or opium parties. Maybe just
part her hair on the other side, for a change (when a Taurus girl does that, it's a
clear signal for the man who can read it) or switch her brand of bath oil, or
throw some mushrooms in with the eggplant. She might even try saying she's all there - not just the parts of him he's not
sorry when she's wrong, instead of pouting. A Taurus woman has a way of
choosing a side, and staying there, refusing even to listen to an apology, much
less a compromise. This girl doesn't realize how cruel and cold she seems, once
she's made up her mind and slammed the door shut on any further discussion.
Sexually, the same problems of change-versus-stubbornness may creep into
their relationship. She wants to be well loved, and to her, the physical expression
of that love should be a rich and total experience. She expects complete
sensual satisfaction from a lover, and she gives him full measure in return. A
Taurus woman thinks sex is great because it produces sweet, cuddly babies and
brings emotional peace and physical fulfillment at the same time - a triple
blessing. When she makes love, there's nothing misty about it. She wants to
feel her man is there beside her -
using while he's daydreaming. Since his Mercurial mind may be wandering on
the wind, she may resent what she interprets as his lack of earthy passion, his
casual attitude. And he may resent what he sees as her intrusion into his emotional
privacy, which Gemini will consider sacred, even during their most intimate
moments. She might have to persuade herself to try various, different approaches
to pull him off his cloud and back into her arms. Otherwise, he may
grow weary of beating his wings against a stone wall, and become even more detached.
He'll be happier than he guesses, however, if he allows her to show him
the way to a deeper affection by trusting her more instinctive Venus vibrations,
and her earthiness, instead of hovering somewhere, just out of touch, when she
needs him so profoundly. All Air Signs tend to mistrust sex, in a vague sort of
way, unless it's first been strained through the imagination, which sometimes
purges it of its very essence. A Gemini man wants his sexual experience diluted,
in varying degrees, with fiction and fantasy.
I know a Taurus woman who is unusually psychic, for her normally un-esoteric
Sun Sign. (That happens, you know, even with Goats and Virgins of the
male and female sex. World-famous psychic Peter Hurkos is a Bull - with a
powerfully trined Neptune, of course.) This particular lady Taurean was deeply
and genuinely in love with a peripatetic Gemini man from California, for more
years than she's able to forget, and maybe she still is in love with him, in her
own stubborn way. There are several Neptune trines between their birth charts,
creating a rare emotional telepathy, which they used to communicate with each
other, without benefit of telephone or letters. Sometimes, their uncanny ESP
brought them together when they were miles apart, more than just mentally and
emotionally and spiritually. It brought them also into physical Oneness. She
once remarked to me that she told him she believed she could almost... conceive
a baby through their powerful mutual projection, and she wasn't ready for
that, for they weren't married. (Taurus realistic humor.) That's a strong union.
Strong indeed.
But his twin Gemini desires never blended into one single dream she could
depend on. Finally, she read his mind (reversing his Mercury trick), saw nothing
there but more ephemeral promises, and cut the telepathic cord between
them with the cold, sharp scissors of Taurus determination. Now he can no
longer reach her astrally, or any other way. She refuses to answer either her
telephone - or her heart - when they ring. She knows when it's Gemini who's
calling. But it doesn't move her. A psychic Taurus woman is still a Bull. Metaphysical
talents don't make a dent in her iron will - once her mind has been
made up firmly.
And so, a Gemini man isn't always blameless when his affair with a Taurean
girl has tied itself into obstinate knots. He can wear himself into his own kind of
rut. He might pause, during one of his spins around the carousel of changing 
lights and sounds, and ask himself if he's still hearing the same calliope music he
heard when he first jumped on for the ride. A melody without words a
story without an ending a whirl around a circle that goes nowhere but back
to the beginning. How many brass rings must a man grab to jingle in his pocket
- to watch turn green, and tarnish - until he reaches for one made of solid
He'll flip aShe'll consult her common sense, to see if she might be headed in the


  1. Dreamily written says the Taurean woman, infatuated by the flighty Gemini man. It is meant to be just wait and see, for eternity. We were born of a golden star, supported by earth and air and therefore our love is simply just there.

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