Friday, November 5, 2010


A Leo man will often deny his superiority complex and try to hide his exaggerated
need for respect, but he can't fool the bright Mercury female who loves him.
A Gemini woman I know once swore to a group of friends gathered in their living
room that her Leo husband had none of the characteristics of his Sun Sign.
"Philip is neither vain nor domineering," she insisted. "He's an unassuming
person, who doesn't feel superior to anyone."
Modest Philip agreed. "I have no desire to lord it over people," he murmured
quietly, "I'm just an average guy." To which his Gemini wife added
quickly, "He's more than just an average guy. He's super special. What I meant
to say is that he's not at all bossy, and he's certainly not an egotistical show-off."
It fooled everyone in the room. This kind, gentle host, with the courteous
manner, was obviously not a roaring Lion. He lounged unobtrusively in the corner,
exuding a soft, warm glow and making no attempt at all to command the
conversation. Of course, I could have enlightened their guests. But my Gemini
friend had cleverly stroked her big Lion into purring so contentedly by that
time, I didn't have the heart to break up her little Mercury game.
What do you think this shy Pussycat does all day when he's not languidly
relaxing at home, accepting his mate's compliments with a self-effacing air?
He's in a tricky, special branch of law - foreign oil leases. He spends a
large income, which he earns from spending his
very valuable time telling very
large industries what they may and may not do. When you're handing out advice
to billionaires and giving companies like Exxon and Standard Oil an occa
sional tweak on the nose, you don't need any extra outlets for the Leonine ego.
A Lion who is on stage at work, exercising his vanity and passing out his
wisdom, can afford to be a little meek socially. Especially when he has a Gemini
wife, who knows exactly how to butter him up, by singing his praises so charmingly,
there's no need for him to indulge in vulgar bragging about himself.him?
The poor girl just doesn't realize what she's risking. All the females he
loved and left, before her, were simply devastated by grief - as he's told her
many times. She'd just better mind her p's and q's or (speaking of the alphabet)
Leo will dig out his well-thumbed, fat little black book and ring up a few numbers
between "A" for Amy and "Z" for Zelda. Yes, most of his old paramours
are married now, though a couple of them joined the convent. But Leo is quite
positive that any one of his discarded slaves (including the nuns) would jump -
snap! - like that! - if she thought there was the slightest chance of being recalled
into the service of His Majesty.
Because Leo is more Fixed, and therefore more practical than the Mutable
Gemini, her erratic behavior could spark some angry sputters from the Lion.
She may forget his dinner in her excitement over a new book she's reading, chatter
on the phone when he needs an audience, change her mind about going to
the theatre after he's already reserved the seats, forget where she parked the car,
lose her keys or flood the engine.
(He really wouldn't.) It's aggravating, but Leo is, in truth, enormously capable,
a real man's man who handles emergencies with effortless grace, a royal shrug,
and the unspoken question, "Doesn't everybody?"
Although the Gemini girl will be delighted with his strength of purpose, his
loyalty, intelligence and integrity, she might turn moody and restless on the
Lion and distract him when he's trying to work, study, or simply relax. She
could also make him feel inferior by begging him to take her on an expensive
holiday when he's temporarily too broke to afford it but much too proud to admit
He'll roar at all these things but will probably forgive her the minute she
flashes her Gemini blarney and pulls off a quick change from the nighty, reckless,
bitter Twin to the sensible, womanly, devoted Twin. As for her outside interests,
he won't mind if she has a career, studies ballet, takes up jogging, collects
mummies, or chases butterflies - as long as none of her jobs or hobbies
takes priority over him. But a Gemini girl should never tease her proud Leo
man by pointing out to him that the big male Nature cats in the wild jungle permit
their mates to do the hunting while they snooze in the sun - or she may be
called home from the hunt and permanently retired to the pride.
Besides, that's true of lion-lions, not human Lions. As a Leo, he also has a
royal birthright. Would a King allow his Queen to worry about Affairs of State
and tangle with the Treasury, back at the castle, while he's out riding with the
hounds or getting fitted for a new crown?
Well, yes, he probably would - if she's properly humble about it. After all,
she ought to have some worthwhile purpose in life, like seeing that he's happy
and contented. Still, a woman who is the King's favorite certainly has her rewards.
A Lion is full of fun, generous with his time and money, strong and
brave, even gentle, when his ego is stroked softly in the right direction. Last,
but surely not least, he's a wonderful lover. Her Gemini talent for imagery will
bring excitement to their physical relationship, and if she continues to evoke in
him the sensation that he's a sexual conqueror, he'll remain a satisfied and monogamous
It's possible for a Leo man to fulfill all his romantic promise under the light,
nonpossessive touch of a Gemini woman, whose airy approach to sex will fan his
more fiery desires, at least in the beginning. However, he may gradually begin
to feel something is missing. While he's making love to one Twin, the other is
coolly observing the scene. A Leo man can be thrown into a trauma by such partial
To a warm-hearted Lion, sex is synonymous with both affection and passion.
There's something vaguely aloof about Gemini love. He can seduce her
emotionally and physically, but her mind refuses to be fully committed to sensual
abandon. The inability to conquer completely can destroy a Leo's necessary
self-image of virility. Then she'll complain that he lacks interest in lovemaking,
when the truth is that her cool detachment and dual behavior has caused him to
develop a fear of a possible lovemaking inadequacy, which he's extremely reluctant
to expose, because nothing pains a Leo male more than even the suspicion
that he may not be the perfect lover. She should remember that this man is a
sexual idealist and employ her Mercurial imagination to invent new ways of appeasing
his hunger for romance and sentiment as background music for their
physical intimacy, instead of using it to fly off on a cloud by herself, when he
most needs to know she's close beside him, resting against his heart.
Since Gemini is a natural linguist, she should be capable of translating her
Lion's arrogant and regal commands into the language of passion and need.
"You talk too much. Why don't you be still once in a while?" means his vanity
has been bruised, because she's upstaged him again, with her twin talents of
quickness and cleverness.
"Forget about dinner. I'm going out somewhere and eat alone" means he's been love!
ignored once too often, while she's been chasing interesting ideas and people all
day, and his pride needs to be pampered.
"Cancel that party we've been invited to Saturday night. Tell them we can't
come. Make some excuse. We're staying home" means he'd rather be alone
with the two of her over the weekend than get dressed up and soak up the admiration
of a crowd. And lady, for a Leo - that's
Some women know when they're lucky.He would never be guilty of such carelessness.

Gemini and Leo vibrate to a 3-11 Sun Sign Pattern, so there's often sacrifice
required in the relationship, some great benefit gained, due to the karmic tie
between them - memories of past lives. Like all such 3-11 vibrations, the association
is usually a fated one, an involvement difficult to resist, in family or
business ties, as well as in friendship and romance. The Leo man feels compelled
to teach the Gemini girl things which may truly change her life even more
than he feels compelled to instruct others, and that's saying a lot. She can expect
more than the ordinary number of Leonine lectures, as this man continually
points out her flaws and tells her what she's doing or thinking wrong, from
her diet and clothing to her political views and religious concepts. But the same
soul memory which prompts Leo to lecture Gemini also brings an unconscious
sense of gratitude for former favors received and causes the Lion to also want to
protect the Gemini girl. He instinctively sympathizes with her shortcomings,
even as he tries to correct them.
Likewise, the Gemini woman is defensive of her Lion. She wants to shield
him from the hurt caused by others when they wound his great vanity unintentionally.
Something inside her perceptive heart tells her the right thing to say
and do, at the right time, to bring out all his warm tenderness and generosity.
She looks up to him as a safe, loving haven from a world of skeptics, who don't
understand her. Naturally, this flatters the Big Cat's masculine pride, which he
possesses in greater abundance than the average male, and makes him cherish
her all the more. It can slowly slither into a mutual-admiration society.
However, their basic compatibility won't prevent spells of rebellion on both
sides. Her airy nonchalance can fire the Leo temper, which is slow to ignite, but
difficult to extinguish, once it's aroused and flaming. Then she may use the
quarrel to practice her syntax and sarcasm, which will cut sharply into his Leonine
ego. If her multiple Mercury fascinations and outside interests should distract
her from daily worship of the Lion, he'll wonder what any other Monarch
wonders when his subjects are too busy to line up at the curb and cheer him as
he passes - maybe they're no longer loyal to their King? Maybe she's found
someone she admires more than


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