Friday, November 5, 2010


In the beginning, a Taurus girl may be wary of accepting the silent invitation in
the hypnotic eyes of a Scorpio man. She's heard some disturbing rumors about
him. She's been told he's ruthless and sexy. Admittedly, that's a strong combination,
and it could make anyone a little cautious.
A Scorpio male has many shining virtues to offset his dark vices, but he is
not one of the Rover boys, with a naive trust in the goodness of human nature.
Nor is he Andy Hardy or Tiny Tim. Through the magic window of his penetrating
Pluto gaze, he sees too much of human nature to have much faith in its
goodness. He has more faith in his own instinct for truth and decency. In God
he trusts. Of everyone else he is suspicious. That's why he appears to be ruthless.
Yet, if he's an Eagle (instead of the Grey Lizard or Stinging Scorpion I described
in the Scorpio chapter of my first book
enemies who would destroy him or the helpless (and he knows which ones they
are). Those who merely step on the Scorpion's tail by accident he will just sting
lightly, to deliver Pluto's message that they are not ever to again impose on Learn it is his unspoken warning toor beware of the next encounter.
Actually, his actions are impeccably fair and just, never petty - and always
in line with his own strict ethics. Scorpio never asks of anyone what he is not
prepared and willing to give of himself. It's a philosophy similar to the code of
that family-oriented society called the "Mothers And Fathers intellectual Association,"
which is sometimes abbreviated by its five initials, and symbolized by a
mythical, legendary Black Hand. With Scorpio, as with this society, the black
hand symbolizes protection for the weak, the poor and the helpless, as much as
it symbolizes a threat to the disloyal, the greedy, the pushy and the snoopy. At
least, these were the noble Robin Hood-like sentiments in the beginning, at the
society's birth in the eighteenth century, in Sicily, before the sincerity of the
motive became stained by decades of dark deeds.
Many people think of Robin Hood himself as a Sagittarian. He was certainly
an expert archer, and probably also a Sun Sign Archer, but I've personally always
felt that his Moon was in Scorpio. Was Robin Hood ruthless in his attempts
to "distribute the wealth"? Only the bad guys and the wealthy thought
Just as every individual member of the Mothers And Fathers intellectual
Association is not above reproach, every individual Scorpion is not above reproach.
There are, in both groups, some well-intentioned and some evil souls.
However, here we're considering the average Scorp, and playing the percentages.
So, let's say the Taurus girl soon loses her initial timidity concerning the
Scorpio man's ruthlessness.
In reality, the Bull fears very little which is tangible. Besides, he's already
made her feel warm and secure by sending her brother to summer camp, bringing
her mother flowers, treating her like a lady, and treating her father as an
older and wiser senior citizen -
brave when it comes to the intangible, the unseen or the emotional - so how
about the rumors of his sexiness?
What can I tell you? Like I said, they are probably true. A Scorpio male is
not an impotent eunuch, or a bashful, stuttering schoolboy. He is, in every
sense, a man. He's as virile as Aries, as sentimental as Libra, as passionate as
Leo, as sensitive as Pisces, and as sensual as the Taurus woman herself. If you
add that all up, and it comes out as one word - sexy - well, is that something to
complain about? True, an astrologically unenlightened woman might naturally
fear such a strong masculine charisma. But what's to fear? This man doesn't
run around seducing innocent damsels, as some astrology books would have you
believe. It would be difficult to make an accurate survey of such a thing, of
course, but any "violated" females would quite probably be Scorpio's willing
To a Taurus woman, physical proof of her deepest feelings is a necessity of
Life. So the alleged Scorpio "sexiness" shouldn't deter her from examining the
possibilities of experiencing Life and Love with this man. If she does, you can
be sure she'll experience both in all of their various facets, nuances, shades and
tones. What Scorpio finds fascinating, he probes and penetrates to its deepest
meaning. What he finds unworthy, he causes to disappear by coldly ignoring it,
as if it didn't exist. Eventually, it doesn't - at least, not in his own awareness,
or in his immediate vicinity. That goes for both people and things. Obviously
then, the problem lies in being sure they both find the same things and people
interesting - and the same ones boring. Otherwise, there can be crossed wires,
crossed purposes and possible emotional chaos. A Taurus girl can get attached
like glue to a person or an object, and it could be disconcerting to have a dear
friend or relative, a treasured cream pitcher or hooked rug, just disappear intoPossessiveness
describes the pride a Taurean takes in anything she owns - and the devotion
she lavishes upon it, whether it's a man, or an heirloom bedspread.
A Scorpio male will understand the difference between these two words,
and he'll give her very little reason to experience jealousy, while he rather enjoys
her possessiveness. For all his reputation as a sex symbol, this man seldom
looks upon sex as a pleasant pastime or a series of casual encounters. To him,
sex is the reason for both life and death, the doorway to each, the one mystery
he may never completely solve. It is, therefore, very close to being a religion to
him. Which means that, when he finds the right partner, his concept of sex will
be pure, though intense, and experimental promiscuity is not part of that concept.
Therefore, regardless of astrological rumors, he's less likely than most men
to be unfaithful to the woman he loves, and if she was born under an Earth or
Water Sign, the chances are even smaller that he will deceive her. The earthy
Taurus woman understands the passion that rages and burns in Scorpio, perhaps
better than any other female, and she'll respond with a matching intensity
of physical expression. However, although she may welcome his passionate
lovemaking, she may not be as enthusiastic about his passionate convictions
outside their physical relationship.
He's a mysterious blend of cool reason and hot emotion, though he chooses
to expose only the former, keeping the latter a dark secret. She'll approve of his
cool reason, his surface poise and his practicality, because they match her own.
But hot emotions leave her cold - and disapproving. Scorpio becomes involved
through his emotions, which, like the still waters of his Sun Sign, run very deep.
From deep, it's only a step to passionate involvement. Whether it's politics,
neighbors, career, ecology, space travel, relatives, abortion - whatever the issue
- Scorpio takes a passionate, emotional stand - or shows his disinterest un
your icy voice put out the stars
it cracked my heart, and broke it in splinters
your tone as cold as Colorado winters
but I promise to soon forget
the contract we almost made ... you'll feel
the swift response of an equal
as the dream begins to fade
I'll drown you in pseudo kindness
and a casual, friendly glance
I can almost imagine your blindness
as I watch and wait
for the chance
to suddenly
how easy it was to let you go *
- cruelly - make you know
It's called
reveal to the Taurus lady. It wasn't easy for him to let her go. It tore him apart.
But he hid the pain of his own grief beneath the frozen features of Scorpio detachment.
Now that she's been told, she can, perhaps, penetrate his disguise
and heal those broken splinters if she remembers this: when she's angry, a Taurus
woman can truly project an "icy voice" and a "cold tone." How can she see
how he feels inside, while she's wearing the blinders of stubbornness? The only
thing that kind of attitude will bring is "the swift response of an equal" - and
h u r t . . . . and in the need to learn how to forgive.
The Sting of the Scorpion. And here's the secret I promised tois her equal. In Fixity . . . . in patience . . . . in loyalty . . . but also in remembering

mistakably. Taurus has little sympathy for the violent extremes of love and
hate. To her, it's an exhausting and unnecessary strain on the nerves. This will
be the underlying cause, in one form or another, behind all their disagreements,
major or minor.
For the benefit of the Taurus woman who is sad and lonely, because she's
had a quarrel with a Scorpion she loves, I'll reveal one of his secrets to her, contained
within a verse I once wrote, in an attempt to help any unsuspecting soul,
who's troubled by being unable to solve this man's Pluto mystery. He is speaking
to h e r . . . .

thin air because the man you love doesn't share your enthusiasm or taste.
If their birth charts indicate a harmonious Luminary aspect between them
(Sun and Moon) they'll share the same experiences, and blend their polarized
individual personalities into one powerful vibration. If not, well maybe a little
of that caution she felt initially will be called for, after all.
Since this is a 7-7 vibratory pattern, he has what she needs, and she has
what he wants - and will probably get - (explained in the previous section
more clearly). Naturally, an attraction like that will cause these two to be
pulled together like bar magnets when they meet, assuming they're both free,
willing and able to tackle a rich relationship. Sometimes, even assuming they're
not. Did you ever try to keep two bar magnets from clinging together? Pick up
a pair at the hardware store and experiment. It will be an excellent illustration
of the magnetic law of attraction and repulsion in astrological romantic compatibility.
A Taurus girl is practical. She's not flighty, impulsive, or a misty dreamer.
In her steady heart, passion is not easily or quickly aroused. It grows slowly into
fullness. But once her senses are caught by someone, when she finds herself noticing
the scent of his hair, trembling at the sound of his voice, melting at the
sight of his walk or his smile, and quivering inside when he touches her hand,
her practical common sense may be suspended indefinitely. Despite her natural
earthy stability, a Taurus woman in love is more vulnerable than a girl Fish, and
that's pretty vulnerable.
She was born under a Fixed Sign, so she won't change her mind, once she
recognizes her lover as the man she's been waiting for (sometimes for years). If
he's a Scorpio, she can count on his loyalty matching hers (unless they have serious
afflictions between their mutual charts). She's possessive in love, but that's
not quite the same thing as sudden flares of unreasonable jealousy. Taurus is
not jealous. Jealousy is an emotion that has roots in a basic insecurity.
a man of respect. But Taurus is not quite so

him - or upon a defenseless friend. Then he nobly allows them to go on their
way, unharmed. It's a lesson. That's all.
the offender -
Sun Signs) he only destroys the


  1. it is all true....Bull poisoned, limping, and raging to the last stance.

  2. Never cared for the scorpio guy. But he showed an interest to me so I thought why not? We had a fight...and after a year he talked to me. We messed around on msn and I got confused when he confessed to having feelings for me... Too much red tape around that.

  3. When you described Taurus and scorpio as magnets it was like a light went off! I've never in my life been attracted to someone so magnetically before. It truly was like we were being pulled together by some undescribable force. We are taking a break from each other now after some things happened between us, but I still can't help feel a "pull" towards him. An underlying feeling that we will be pulled back together. Is this crazy to feel this way, or is the attraction so deep that it is possible we could be magnetically drawn back to each other?

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  5. This article makes sense but it doesn't make sense.