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A Taurus man walks firmly, in a straight line, toward his goal, step-by-step, not
leap-by-leap. He's perfectly content to reap the harvest of his well-deserved relast time - via the courtesy of Karma's just and final coup-de-grace.
Should the foregoing, thunderous truth offend, perchance, anyone reading
the Spanish language edition of this book, so be it. I make no apology, nor does
astrology, to such Iberians and Mexicans.
a man" (Isaiah
men and women, residing both in the U.S. and south of the border, who find
their thrills, pleasures and excitements in ways other than watching the public
torture and murder of helpless beasts - and this book is written to be shared by
these Light-Bearing Ones, who don't stand in the shadow of shame that darkens
their ancient heritage of long-ago splendor. The others may come along for the
ride, if they wish, but let them both be forewarned and informed that their possible
annoyance over my frank analysis of their bullfights leaves this Ram unrepentantly
unruffled and unmoved.
The transiting Mars is passing over my natal Aries Sun today as I write, and
the effect of the influence will last a considerable while, as always, during which
times, certain things never fail to get socked into their proper place in my life.
Rather like spring housecleaning, you know?
The typical male Bull possesses the same calm, silent strength of purpose as
his astrological symbol, if he's a spiritually evolved Taurean. Even if he's a Taurus
mutant, like Adolf Hitler, the powerful determination is still present. The
average Taurus man is visibly influenced by the courage and iron will of his Bull
symbol, and makes admirable use of it. This man knows what he wants, and is
willing to sacrifice whatever is necessary, without whining or complaining, to
reach the green pastures he seeks.
Nothing could endear him more to the Taurus woman. She is impressed.
Let the other girls shiver in romantic ecstasy over the barefoot prophets who lie
in the grass all day, idling away the hours, stringing love beads, and strumming
their guitars. Give her a practical Bull, who wears shoes. When
strand of love beads around her neck, they won't be made of dried coffee beans.
They'll be from a real jewelry store, and they'll be paid for in full. If
guitar, it will be to pick up some bread as a musician, not merely to howl at the
Moon on a summer night in Central Park - or in London's Kensington Gardens
(Taurus men always make one think of England's John Bull).
These two have much in common. Like, she has a firm grip on her pocketbook,
and he hangs on to his billfold with both fists. Since they're both lovers of surface it- even though it's delayed until what the insurance companies con us into"I do." The third thing"I won't."
About various things. She wants children, but he thinks it's wiser to postpone a
family until their bank balance is fatter - so she has a baby or two anyway, just
to show him he can't push
She wants to buy an expensive electric organ because she loves to play and
sing, and he tells her,
coaxes, he'll say "NO!" a little louder. So, she opens a charge account (after
carefully calculating the monthly payments into her household budget) and orders
the organ delivered anyway. The following day, he sends it right back to
the store, just to show her she can't push
stereo, with speakers. Same thing.)
Perhaps there's a film she wants to see. So she plants a few smooches on his
cheek, and whispers some private endearments into his close-to-the-head Bull's
ear, even if it's really flattened and laid-back in anger. "Come on, sweetie-honey-
bug-lollipop, let's go to the movies tonight? Pretty-please-with-brown-sugarand-
cream-on-its-tail?" (Not all, but most Taurus lovers tend toward more
than a touch of baby-talk, like Libra lovers. It's the Venus rulership of both
signs.)don't want to.
(a few moments of heavy silence then)
HIM: I'm going to a hotel.
HER: (suddenly alarmed) Why?
HIM: Because I
want to.
And another subject is closed. Sometimes for the night, as he plods angrily,
clutching his favorite blanket, no farther than the den. Sometimes for several
weeks or months, if he really checks into a hotel as he threatened (and he
might!). It depends.
I know a devoted couple who live in Los Angeles (and this is, druid honor,
an absolutely true story, with only a couple of minor changes to protect the innocent
- or the guilty). Both Taurus Sun Signs. He's a song-writer, a lyricist
and composer of Hollywood film scores. She's a retired Berlin newspaper reporter,
who was born in Germany. When they were "keeping company," the
Bull repeatedly refused to marry her. He thought they should test the stability
of their love first, before taking such a drastic step, for a "reasonable" length of
time (which stretched out into quite a number of years). His Taurus lady cried,
pleaded, begged, became angry - and tried to reason with him. He wouldn't
budge. "Don't you care for me?" Yes. He cared for her, intensely. But the Bull
just wasn't ready for a matrimonial commitment, and
that was that.
It's now more than a decade later (as of this writing). They remain very
much in love, and they have four children - two boys and a set of twin girls.
They still have not legally married.
- and tried to reason with
his "mother-in-law" to talk to her, reason with her, and try to move the now
mother of his children from her firm position - and for a Bull, that's a gigantic
concession. A Taurus man likes interference from relatives in his private affairs
like General Motors likes Ralph Nader. But this hasn't accomplished anything
HER: The children have your name legally, they have two loving parents, they're
included in your will and your insurance, we have a nice home, and we're a
warm, devoted, and happy family. We don't need a piece of paper to
make it legal.
HIM: Honey-baby, don't you love me ?
HER: Of course I love you, deeply.
HIM: But sweetheart, if you love me and I love you, and we're so happy together,
and you
the emotional security of wedded parents,
HER: Because I don't want to.Never. Ever. Ifactually) it has been the solid, Earthbound (but perceptive)materialrehearsal for the swiftly approaching time when every man andmaterial level rehearsal for the fast approachingThird Eye in every man and woman, which will allow
have accomplished this through physical manipulation exercises, meditation -
and even surgery (in rare cases). But
it more swiftly. The so-called "saints" (and Jesus himself) used only
Love as the method for opening up the Third Eye or pineal gland. It's a whole
lot safer, and much more pleasant than falling off a ladder or bumping into a
door - also considerably more joyful than monotonous, boring Eastern meditation
rites. Besides, the latter can dangerously release the Kundalini Serpent
In other words, don't contemplate your navel, never mind what any flower-
draped Tantra Guru might tell you, until you've
purely and unselfishly,
your enemies
word to the wise is sufficient. A word to the foolish, as all Bulls know, is wasted.
In 1975,1 had a discussion with three enlightened Bulls (two males, one female)
who were easily convinced, despite the typical Taurean stubbornness,
that it's time for Earthlings to move on to the next practice session, beyond the
initial stage of drug-induced, largely false visions - the next stage of spiritual
development being the realization that one may only
Truth" through the control of the
Francis of Assisi called Brother Body, via proper nutrition, exercise, and avoiding
the abuse of sexual energy - and third (and most vital) through the daily,
hourly practice of an interchange of love, kindness, and forgiveness. Including
the kindness not to further torture our animal brothers and sisters, by way of
butchering them, murdering them, shooting them for "sport," dissecting
them - and eating their flesh - which circles right back (full serpent circle) to
the necessary cleansing and purification of Brother Body (and Sister Body).
Somehow, I have a distinct and nearly tangible sense that the Bulls who are
reading this chapter about themselves and their attitudes toward all these urgent
matters are breathing hard behind my shoulder and demanding to know
how to protect themselves from the naked mental and emotional exposure of
their personal auras soon to be readable to everyone who says "Good morning"
to them. (Taureans have such a thing about privacy, you know.) Dear Bulls,
don't worry. Adequate protection from the invasion of your innermost private
thoughts, as revealed in your aura, is definitely possible. But you must be patient,
and I know you'll understand when I tell you that you must wait for a
forthcoming book of mine, if you want me to discuss the details of such protection
with you, step-by-step. Believe me, there's time. Now, may we return to
the subject of the Taurus attitude toward drugs?
To the Taurus man and woman, if they're typical Bulls, using drugs is like
"instant God," a quick glimpse of profound Truth - so profound it can literally
blow the mind of a not-yet-sufficiently-evolved person, not to mention his or her
world and the Eternal Now of Past, Present and Future. Tibetan monksLove (quite seriously and technically) accomplishesprematurely, which causes all manner of bodily pain and emotional torment.first learned to love one anotheras the Nazarene counseled, learned how to forgive- and to do unto others what you'd like to have them do unto- or you may have reason to wish your Third Eye would harden again. Asurely "see God" or "knowconscious mind - through control of what

Of course, not all Taurus couples go as far as that, but it's always a possibility,
since, as I told you, the foregoing is a true situation. The average Taurean
man and woman will usually insist on the full sanction of the law before entering
into any kind of cooperative venture, whether it be business or matrimony, and
most Bulls see a decided similarity between the two.
In a liaison of love between Taurus and Taurus, there will be many times
when their mutual stubbornness, and refusal to look at the other side, will lead
them down the blind alleys of mental and emotional prejudice, and they'll find
it difficult to communicate. Still, one of the marvelous things about Bulls is
that they possess the ability to shrug off frustration and learn from experience.
What Taurus has finally learned, Taurus never ever forgets.
these two try hard to learn the lesson of forgiveness (never easy for Bulls) they
can hold each other's hands tightly (Bulls do everything tightly) and find their
way out of those dark blind alleys. I know a Taurus woman whose favorite philosophy
is: "Every experience is a good experience." It's an admirable attitude,
but I've noticed she has a little trouble forgetting the bad ones. She learns from
them, yes - but sometimes the lesson she learns is merely to turn her back on
the person or situation, without ever trying again - and such lessons teach the
heart nothing.
Sex, of course, is only another human experience, but an extremely important
one to Taurus lovers or mates. Their initial attraction is usually strongly
physical, with the mental and emotional blending coming later, like the honey
frosting on a carrot cake. Normally, that's not the ideal priority order in which
to approach total love, but with a couple of Taureans, surprisingly it works out
fine. Perhaps not so surprisingly. Because sex is an exercise in total sensuality
for the average or typical Taurus person, the physical expression of love between
this man and woman can gradually develop into an almost psychedelic experiment
- although most Bulls (not all, but most) scowl darkly at the very
mention of drugs. To Taurus, if you smoke grass, you're foolish and weak, if you
drop acid, you're unquestionably mentally unsound - and if you mess around
with speed, cocaine, heroin, angel dust, and so forth, you're on a frantic Freeway,
headed straight toward spiritual suicide - as swiftly and surely as you're
headed toward actual suicide. Ponder the percentages.
Most Taureans have a solid grasp of the metaphysical teaching that drugs
are the False Prophets warned of by the Book of Revelations in the New Testament
- which, if not recognized as such, can bring on the Gotterdammerung
prematurely. Actually the dogmatic Bulls are closer to truth than they suspect.
It may have been, in the cosmic concept, necessary for drug-induced awareness
to burst open: new spiritual vistas for the Golden Age of Aquarius. But this galactic-
cosmic experiment of the Masters - this preliminary to Earth's spiritual
awakening - has served its purpose (at the cost of much human suffering, as
well as enlightenment). Now it's time to halt, lean back and ponder the insight
thus gained. Every Sun Sign is charged with a special and particular mission,
and the Taurus Bulls (and Capricorn Goats) are charged with keeping our collective
feet on the ground regarding such matters.
Oddly (and
Taureans of my personal acquaintance who've been the ones to first realize that
all the hullabaloo about electronic bugging and snooping has merely been a
woman will be able to "read" each other's human auras, and therefore able to
perceive far more "secrets" than it's possible to learn about people via tape-recorded
conversations, telephone tapping, and such. You didn't realize that
Earth Sign Cappy Richard Nixon performed such a vital and giant galactic preparatory
role for all of us, did you? (Neither did he.)
In like manner, drugs have been the
opening of the
them to see and interpret the human aura, and recall past incarnations. Children
are all born with the Third Eye open (see last paragraph of Scorpio-Scorpio
chapter). In medical terminology, they are born with a soft pineal gland.
But it gradually grows less soft as children submit to the imagination-stifling restrictions
of their elders, until it finally becomes stone-hard, and like all adults
then, they "have rocks in their heads" (which is, by the way, literally how that
term originated in the subconscious).
Many true mystics and "sensitives" (including Taurus "psychic" Peter
Hurkos) have suffered a blow on the head, near the Third Eye (pineal gland)
which caused it to soften again, as in childhood, allowing them to perceive the
He has cried, pleaded, begged, become angryher. She hasn't budged an inch. He's even askedknow it will last forever, and we have four children who needwhy won't you marry me ?

HIM: Nope.
HER: Why not, sweetie-pumpkin?
HIM: Because I don't want to.
That closes the subject, for the remainder of the evening. Later, after
they've tucked themselves cozily into bed, and turned out the lights, he says,
"Hey! You forgot to kiss me goodnight. I'm feeling very romantic, baby-dumpling.
Kiss me, and see what happens." (Most Bulls are very plain-spoken, regarding
sexual matters - privately, that is.)
HER: (sweetly, melodiously) No.
HIM: Why not, honey-pot?
HER: Because I
her around."No. We simply can't afford it." If she wheedles orhim around. (Sometimes it's an expensive

Nature, they're crazy about planting green things and watching them grow -
like Mutual Funds and Christmas Clubs. That's another thing they have in
common. They both know Santa Claus is a put-on. He doesn't live at the North
Pole, never did. He's the president of their bank, his name is Christopher G.
Kringle, and he doesn't drive a sleigh pulled by reindeer, he drives a good, solid
Buick sedan. If they've been good all year, and made their regular deposits, he
stuffs their socks with dividends and interest payments, which will someday
provide them with a house in the peaceful country, near a quiet stream, far from
the honking taxi cabs, smog, noisy teenagers and smoky night clubs of the city.
It's easy to be fooled by Bulls, but don't be. Like, the night club thing. You
might believe the glamorous Bulls you've seen hanging around sizzling, noisy,
boisterous, and bellicose places like Hollywood, California - so obviously incompatible
with the image of crickets chirping cheerfully in a country twilight
- are a living denial of their earthy Sun Signs. Don't jump to hasty conclusions.
Taurus never does. Take American film actor Glenn Ford, a Bull. In
the Spring of 1978, he was quoted in a popular news magazine as saying, "I'm
going to surprise everyone I know very soon, when they hear how many acres
and acres of land I'm buying in Australia, which is where I plan to live."
Behind the surface glitter of whatever occupation or career (including politics)
a Bull follows on his way to the farm, hides the smoldering, ever-growingstronger
dream of escape from the teeming city, to the blessed peace and freshness
of the sweet-smelling countryside - hay, horses, manure, and all. The
dream may surface at any time throughout the life of a Taurus, but
believing is the last third of the "alleged" life span.
Should it happen to take the Taurus man a little longer than he planned to
build the foundation for their future together, whether in music, art, business,
banking, politics, or whatever, the female Taurean is as patient as he. This
woman probably won't mind working for a few years to support her Bull, as long
as he's out there symbolically pitching the hay and genuinely trying to make the
grass of their escape grow greener. She'll wait - uncomplainingly, for the most
part. It all sounds perfectly lovely, doesn't it? They're a matched set - and unbreakable.
The first thing you know, they've fallen solidly in love. The next thing you
know, they're standing firmly before a Minister, Priest, Rabbi or J.P., gazing
calmly into each other's tranquil eyes and murmuring
you know, the honeymoon is over, and they've both started saying
"He that killeth an ox is as if he slew66:3). There are many millions of fine Spanish and Mexicanhe hangs ahe strums a

wards in their own due season, and misfortune or bad luck barely disturbs his
tranquility. He may carry a heavy load of responsibilities and bravely accepted,
wearying duties - his great heart may be burdened nearly to breaking by the
painful memory of myriad past disappointments, but the strong Bull goes right
on walking, as though nothing had ever happened. More often than not, his
steady and patient plodding is eventually crowned with sweet success.
One is reminded of the equally brave, pathetic Nature bull. He stands
there, uncertain, but unflinching maddened by pain and starvation, facing
the sadistic toreadors . . . . scorning any display of weakness, refusing to fall, no
matter how many dozens of sharp bandilleros pierce his body charging the
taunting red cape again and again and again, in uncomprehending confusion
both infuriated and terrorized by the screams of the crowd until he's
mercifully executed at the end of the grisly ceremony of fake male macho known
as The Bullfight, the unspeakably cruel "sport" Papa Hemingway so adored, in
which cowardly, despicable humans, fancying themselves to be heroes, torture,
tease, torment - and finally murder a magnificent animal
while spiritually retarded brutes of both sexes look on and cheer his death
agony from the bleachers, in chilling imitation of the bloodthirsty, roaring, insane
multitudes in the Coliseum, shortly before Rome fell into the blackness of
oblivion -

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