Friday, November 5, 2010


Might I make a helpful astrological suggestion for the Ram who is on the verge
of becoming involved with a Scorpio female? Get a copy of Ibsen's
the descriptions of her sometimes incomprehensible behavior will prepare him
for all possibilities, even though the lady Eagle he loves may be a somewhat
more average Scorp, with more subdued Pluto Power. It's only sensible to be
prepared for the worst, even if you expect - and actually receive - the best.
Forewarned is forearmed, and it never hurts to be forearmed with a Scorpio.
As for the unfortunate Hedda herself, she's admittedly an extreme example,
yet an interesting study for Eagle watchers. Her cool, quiet, mysterious feminine
mystique is punctuated by sudden, violent frenzies, which are puzzling, to
say the least, coming from such a normally gentle, self-contained woman. Her
nice, easy-going Taurus or Pisces husband is at a complete loss when it comes to
comprehending her emotional needs. Then along comes a clever, worldly chap,
undoubtedly an Aries, who thinks he has mastered this woman, plumbed her
depths and dominated her with his masculine superiority. When she finally
kills herself, all the confused man can manage to murmur is that "people just
Scorpios do. They can do all sorts of either strange and frightening or weird
and wonderful things - and they never warn you ahead of time what they're up
Granted, as I've already noted, Hedda is an exaggerated image of the Scorpio
woman. The average Pluto-ruled female probably won't climb to such
heights of ecstasy, or plunge into such wells of despair as the unfortunate
Hedda. But even if she only lets the air out of his tires when he won't let her
drive his car, or casually cuts his telephone cord when he calls another girl, a
Ram who's aware of the Scorpion tendency toward secret revolt, followed by
sudden retaliation, will find life with this girl considerably less traumatic.
It's her secret revolt, more than her sudden retaliation, that could cause the
tension between these two lovers. An Aries can be driven wild by an act that, although
easy enough to forgive in itself, is the result of a premeditation unknown
to him. Since she's inclined to be secretive when she's not in action, her inexplicable
surges of angry revenge can infuriate him. Rams do not like unpleasant
surprises, and they simply can't
temper he can handle, with the experience born from his own stormy impulses.
But she didn't give him the slightest hint that she was going to burn up his new
Adidas jogging booties, and starch his favorite jeans. At breakfast, on Monday
morning, her voice was cool and calm, her eyes burned into his, expressing their
usual intense devotion, and her goodbye kiss was as passionate as ever. How
was he to suspect he'd return home that night to a pair of charred sneakers and
stiff Levi's? And all because he told her on Sunday he didn't feel like taking
her to the movies, because he wanted to hike in the woods, with some old buddies
from college he hadn't seen in years.
How DARE she sock him and shock him with a surprise maneuver like that,
retroactively? He'll show her a thing or two! But by the time he's ready to
show her a thing or two, she's not watching his fiery scene, because she's already outrageous way. Add to that her talent for cooly turning off, before hesay no more about it. One of his finer rewards for such emotional
reverted to her silent aloofness. She's turned off. Detached and disinterested.
Also uninterested.
Scenes of this sort can rattle a Ram to the roots of his horns. What she's
done outrages him, simply because it sneaked up on him in such an . . . well, in
such an
can even fight back to defend himself, and you can see why he may gradually become
an aggressive, frantic shadow boxer, hitting out blindly, and never getting
the satisfaction of landing a victorious punch (symbolically) on his lady Eagle's
(also symbolic) jaw. To so surprise him, after he's already blithely forgotten the
incident that infuriated her, then retreat, and refuse to even notice him or listen
to his angry sputterings, is not a pattern of behavior calculated to win all the
confrontations in the final tallies - for her. She might lose the last hand of her
bridge game by losing him.
Actually, if the Ram will just let her win, or allow her to believe she's won,
he'll save a lot of wear and tear on his ego, through bypassing fruitless emotional
conflicts with this woman, which are destined by the stars to lead absolutely nowhere.
It's really the only way to get along with a lady Scorpion - simply permit
her to satisfy herself that she has repaid the hurt or slight she's suffered
from you, then
control and maturity, will be her gradual and certain, deeper respect for him.
Since the fighting pattern just described is the absolute only one Scorpio recognizes,
it's the only one powerful enough to keep their relationship on an equal
basis. As Grandpa used to say, "You can't fight City Hall" (truer even today
than in Gramp's day, in both its literal and symbolic sense). She holds the
trump card - self-control. The proper way to handle and keep a woman like
that is, obviously, not to lose your own control.
He can always remind himself, during his more discouraged moments, that
this woman is as loyal to the man she loves as she is determined not to allow him
to step on her Scorpion tail. When a lady with a Scorpio Sun Sign, Moon Sign
or Ascendent falls in love, her friends, her family, her career, reputation, her suffering
- all count for nothing. She won't hesitate for a second to openly show
her scorn for anyone who threatens to stand in the way of their happiness together,
to cast a shadow on their love or to harm her man in any way. A devotion
of this level of intensity should make it easier to overlook the manner in
which she occasionally manipulates their personal squabbles against him. Rams
need to be loved all the way - or not at all. And that's precisely how Scorpio
loves. All the way - or not at all.
An Aries man who has only recently become emotionally involved with this
girl (let's say this woman - Scorps are never girls, they were all born women)
may think the foregoing is an unjust summary of the character, traits and personality
of his dearly beloved. That's because he was picturing the retaliatory
attacks, followed by instant withdrawal, which were just described, as a kind of
black-widow-spider operation. So, how could a female with such a whispery,
throaty voice and gentle, feminine ways, be a closet black widow spider? She is
not, of course. That's the point. Her Pluto revenge tactics needn't resemble
something out of a vampire movie. She's not the Bride of Frankenstein. She's
simply a sweet, rather shy lady, who has her quiet moments, and who is sensitive.
After they're married, he'll learn. He'll receive a fast astrological lesson,
when he tells her - "I wish you'd go to the beauty parlor and let them style your
hair, before my business partner [my boss, my agent, or whatever] and his wife
come here for dinner tonight. The way you're wearing it now is so dated, and
very unbecoming." (Aries rules the first astrological house of personal appearance,
and Rams are really quite vain about their own looks, and the looks of
their loved ones. Almost as much so as Leo.) The Scorpio woman won't scream you explain to the Grumples, won'twhat!" he shouts. "How can I explain this to them? They're out
at him in rage, because her glamour has been criticized. She'll just smile sweetly
and say, "Of course, darling." She'll still be a perfect angel of womanhood when
he arrives at home that night, accompanied by Mr. Grumple and his bejeweled
His Scorpio mate's voice will be velvety warm and sensual when she whispers
to him in the bedroom, "Sweetheart,
you? I have a dreadful headache, and I'm just not up to meeting anyone tonight."
there in the front room waiting to meet you, and you're still in your nightgown,
and you haven't even started dinner? This could ruin my whole future! Do you
realize what you've done to me?"
His rage has not the faintest effect. She has already closed her eyes and
placed the ice bag on her head, still smiling sweetly, leaving him to cope with his
hungry guests alone. You see? Not like the vampire movies at all! Just a nice
lady, with a headache, who's terribly sorry she's causing him such embarrassment.
(Next time, he won't insult her hairstyle.)
The Aries man is competent and courageous when he's involved in a situation
he can understand, but he lacks the ability to successfully oppose the type
of reasoning that goes over his head. It will bewilder him when she refuses to
fight him with weapons of his own choice, but it will also have the long-term effect
of subduing him, which can result in a growing emotional maturity. Although
loving and living with a Scorpion may be a little bumpy, it will mellow
the Ram's fiery personality and open his eyes to his Martian faults of selfishness,
rashness and impulsive speech, like no other experience he's ever had before.
If he really loves her, there's much she can teach him - and he, likewise,
In 1970, in California, I met a fascinating Scorpio woman, who had just separated
from her Aries husband. (He was a surgeon, a typical Mars occupation,
although a not very evolved or enlightened one.) Neither of them knew enough
astrology to understand, and therefore to tolerate, each other's natures. But I
got the impression they might still be in love, and I hope this book is published
in time to help them get back together. Her marriage taught her at least one astrological
lesson she'll never forget. (Scorpios always profit from experience.)
"Men cringe when they meet a Scorpio," she told me. "They think we're all
deadly and dangerous. So now, when they ask me my Sun Sign, I just flutter my
eyelashes and tell them I'm a Pisces. It works like magic!"
There's no telling how many November girls are running around out there
pretending to be Fish - but you've been warned. It's a shame astrological ignorance
makes such a disguise necessary. Scorpio women, if properly understood,
are beautiful people, with an unsurpassed tenderness and an enormous capacity
for love.
The sexual attraction between an Aries man and a Scorpio woman is instant
and magnetic, and can be permanently fulfilling. Their physical relationship
will never be indifferent or casual. Sex, combined with love, is a basic formula
in the Scorpio search for personal salvation, the same kind of glory the Ram
seeks to satisfy his misty ideal. He must conquer sexually, and she'll allow him
to do so, but she won't be passive, she'll meet him more than halfway in erotic
expression. Her intense response to his lovemaking blended with her willingness
to submit to him physically, represents the ultimate in ecstatic union to
this man, who seeks a real woman, never a quiescent partner, yet neither a
dominant mate who will try to overpower him. In his secret heart, he is the
original, virile, yet pure and innocent Adam - in her secret heart, she is the
original, tempting and mysterious Eve. Unless one of them has a serious Mars out of the bedroom,know, then knowing,
or Venus affliction in the natal chart (which, with these two, can lead to various
forms of sadism or masochism), there will be no doubt at bedtime who is man
and who is woman - and, with all due respect to Women's Lib, that's the way it
was intended to be by our co-Creators.
A Scorpio female can't forgive being badly loved, in or
and she may occasionally, if he's unthinkingly wounded her, use a denial of sexual
Oneness against him as a revenge weapon, which is a large mistake on her
part, since it may very well turn him into an insecure, and therefore selfish,
lover. He should establish his mastery from the beginning in the area of physical
Scorpio is compelled to violate the unknown, in order to
keeps the secret. Aries plunges in recklessly, to discover truth and happiness,
then shares it enthusiastically and openly. This is an essential difference
between them, which can be bridged only by mutual trust and forgiveness each
time it appears. When he displays his emotions carelessly, he may create pain in
her heart she'll find hard to forget, and although her outward response to his
Mars fireworks may simply be a soft-spoken - "Aren't you over-reacting, darling?"
- there's no determining what may be occurring within her, behind her
cool mask. There's only one answer to a question like that.
"No, I'm not over-reacting. I am just being me. I was born under a different
star than you, and I have to express my feelings. Don't you want me to be
true to myself?" Yes, she does. She may never reveal it, or admit it but
she does.
Heddaand read it between the lines. Hedda was clearly a Scorpio woman, anddo that sort of thing."stand not to know secrets. Normal outbursts of


  1. Finally I found a place where I find myself perfectly described.

    I am having an affair with an Aries Man. It really is ecstatic. He makes me feel all woman and I have a lot of fun because he is witty and romantic. We constantly seek each other and we enjoy each other's company so much.

    However, two days ago we had a fight. I asked him something in a rather indirect manner (very scorpio-like). I did not like his answer and told him he made feel as if I weren't special to him. As from that, it all went worse and he attacked me saying that I was...rather easy to please.

    The conversation ended up abruptly with him "forcing" me to say goodbye, telling me he was exhausted. The following day I contacted him and he was extremely cold, unbearably I would say. He said it would be better to give us some time, and think about it.

    I don't know how to act now. I just wanted him to tell me I meant something to him and, as usual, I did not manage to convey this message in a clear way. I feel like sending him an email, saying bye to him before he may do so to me...(childish I know)

    I would appreciate your advice that will be of help not only for this problem but in general. How do I deal with an upset Aries man? The fact that he got mad, does it mean he cares or exactly the opposite?

    Thank you very much.

  2. Aries men can be rather cold and unpredictable to the scorpio woman. I would give him space(one or two weeks)especially if he initiated it. Let him contact you, but if he does not, contact him and calmly explain your feelings. If he's really into you he'll respond positively. If he seems cold or turned off, cut your losses, and move on. He will, TRUST!!!

  3. Thank you for your reply. After more than ten days after our fight, I contacted him and he really was positive towards me. He told me he was afraid that I might not call him again and we have spent a lot of time together since then. I am trying to get back to where we were little by little every day and things are smoother now, although not quite the same. Neither of us have ever made a single reference to that fight. I wonder if it is better that way or if it would be better to talk things through.
    Anyhow, thank you again for your really kind reply.

  4. Im a scorpio lady, she's aries and married; I need to get out without us being enemies; we love each other dearly, but I can't go through life being his thing on the side; how do I do this without breaking us both!? We've tried breaking up before, but it fell apart, because we were both soo miserable! Please help, Im desperate!!!

  5. I am madly in love with an Aries man.we've known each other since high school and it's been very back-and-forth and confusing. He said he loved me but at the same time he's cold and distant I don't know if you find me intimidating because I'm quite good-looking or if you likes the simple doormat type of girl. Someone please give an answer to all of this


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  7. I have recently been introduced to a man I had an affair with 30 years ago. We have a son together. He is an Aries and I am a Scorpio. I have been with a Virgo for 6 years. The feelings we shared are definitely back.i never told my son who his biological father is. 30 years later here we are. My son was approached by his children wanting a relationship with their new found brother. As of 3 weeks ago (he is 59 years old) and feels he needs to get to know and be in my son's life. He can't believe we went this long not telling him. What my son wants is what is important to us both. We have talked with each other but have not seen each other except through social media. He and I both have had loves and loses before. Through out time we both have matured but the fact we still have feelings for one another. As much as I want to be with him every part of me is saying stay away and do not reck the loving relationship I have with my virgo man. we are not married. I would not want to hurt this man for a Aries man.But the attraction we once had is coursing through my every vein. I feel I must share this with you before i do something I will regret.