Friday, November 5, 2010


A Taurus man who feels himself sinking into the mysterious underworld of a
Scorpio female's magnetic attraction, is either headed for what may be the most
traumatic experience of his life - or the most uplifting. The outcome will definitely
not be neutral.
It might be the former, if there's a negative aspect between the Sun and
Moon in their respective horoscopes. But if these two Luminaries are in a har
the stars, with his nostrils dilating romantically. Since she's chemically attracted
to the opposite sex of her opposite Sun Sign (Taurus) she may even run out
of the tent barefoot to meet him. If she does, she'll resemble Queen Nefertiti
herself, in the moonlight. That's what makes it all so special. In the quiet moments
of their aloneness together, a Scorpio woman can become to her Taurus
man the image of every love goddess down through the ages. In the daytime, she
slips on her Scorpion mask and becomes Susan, the shy secretary - Millie, the
modest maiden - or Laurie, little-girl-lost.
Despite her apparent tranquility and surface sweetness, this is not a female
who is easy to live with. She's fascinating, feminine, intelligent, loyal and passionate.
But she is not an innocent, wide-eyed maiden who is willing to become
a love object. Scorpio lives in the emotions, but sometimes they're bottled up
inside for years. That's why she seems so docile, then suddenly, with no warning,
she erupts into boiling anger - or disappears into frozen silence, which is
even harder to cope with and certainly more difficult to understand.
For a time, she'll go along with what her man says, unless he becomes too
demanding. Then she'll show her hidden strength. Tact and compromise are
not her strong points. For that matter, they're not his either. Neither Taurus
nor Scorpio has much idea of what it's like to see the other person's point of
view. No, that's not quite right. Taurus has trouble seeing another point of
view. Scorpio sees it quite clearly, with her uncanny perception. But she still
prefers her own wishes to what her ouija board may tell her someone else's are.
They'll have to make some adjustments here, or spend their lives together with
their backs turned, arms crossed, and mouths sealed in stubborn silence. Both
of them were born under a Fixed Sign. But both of them were also born under a
feminine sign, so they can be equally gentle and sympathetic, when they choose
to use these "negative" vibrations, which are the "feminine" compensations for
the "negative" qualities of their Sun Signs.
He's ruled by Venus, the planet of peace and love. She's ruled by Pluto, the
planet of explosive passion and mystery. Their sexual compatibility, therefore,
is usually full of strange surprises and sensual ecstasies. She associates sex with
the mystery of her own existence, and respects it as a sacred act of love. She cannot
overlook." Taurus varies this only slightly, and says, "I will forgive. But I
can never
"I can't forgive." Because, true forgiveness
forget." They're both lying to themselves. What they really mean is,does overlook, and true forgiveness
planted in the heart will grow into cold and lonely isolation, premature aging,
chronic disease and emotional neurosis, as surely as an acorn will grow into a giant
oak tree.
His comic sense may be another cause for tension between them. The Bull
needs an occasional practical joke and a constant touch of humor to make his
life, which is serious enough, bright and bearable. She may laugh at his comic
remarks, but her eyes won't be smiling, and he'll soon learn she can't stand to be
teased, because she's never been able to really laugh at herself. His rich humor
is what makes him such a warm human being. Instead of being annoyed by it, if
she will let some of his laughter linger in her heart, she might find it's the extra
dimension she needs to color her own emotions a few shades lighter.
The love vibration between Taurus and Scorpio is perfectly symbolized by
the strange pilgrimage of Taurean silent screen idol Rudolph Valentino's much
discussed "Mystery Woman," who, despite whispered rumors, has never been
provably identified to this day. Whatever her name may have been, her Sun or
Moon Sign was surely Scorpio (which might be a clue to her identity). Yes, she
could only have been a deeply bereaved Scorpio woman, conceiving Life, Love,
sex and death to be inseparable, as she made her lonely visits to her Taurus
lover's grave, dressed completely in black, her face covered by a veil to offer
the memory flowers of her intense passion, grief and loyalty each year,
with unwavering faithfulness, on the anniversary of his death.
That's the way it is with Taurus and Scorpio. No light flirtation, or casual
affair. It will be frigid disinterest, total disaster - or a devotion which will last a
lifetime, and beyond that, past forever. All - or nothing at all. The Bible will
come in handy, either way.
forget. The refusal to truly forgive is a dark and evil thing. The seeds thus

also has a devouring curiosity about its secret implications, which can only be
satisfied by ever deeper intimacy with the man she loves, although there will always
be an aura of purity about her desires. Sex is never cheap to a Scorpio
woman, and she'll insist on being loved for her whole self, not just for her physical
appeal. So will he.
The Taurus man may never totally comprehend their lovemaking in as
much depth as she does, but that certainly won't prevent his enjoyment of it.
To the Bull, as to the Scorpion, sexual expression is an act of worship, a constant
renewal of spiritual strength, through the giving and receiving of passion
between them. However, sex alone is never enough for a lasting union, even
when it's as fulfilling as it normally is with Taurus and Scorpio in their 7-7 Sun
Sign Pattern relationship. Other facets of their love will need constant attention.
It's never easy for these two to reconcile after a serious quarrel. Their mutual
Fixed vibration keeps them apart. Scorpio says, "I will forgive. But I
So the Bull is quite capable of sneaking into a Scorpio girl's tent, under

monious relationship, it could very well be the latter. Assuming everything is
cool with their planets, it's all right for him to sink in, but he might want to tuck
a copy of the Bible under his arm, as he falls into the immeasurable depth of her
love. It's really a good idea to study the Holy Works before becoming involved
with this woman on an intimate basis. No matter what they say or do, Scorpios
can always find a passage in the Scriptures to justify themselves. And they'll
quote it, to make sure you know their motives are blameless. Not only are they
experts on both the Old and New Testaments, but they also have the psychic
ability to read between the lines - and what Scorpio finds between the lines is
quite a testament in itself.
Not every Scorpio girl has the Bible committed to memory, of course, but it
won't hurt to take heed of the possibility. If she doesn't quote the Scriptures
when she's loving him, or stinging him, she may have memorized large chunks of
the Tibetan Book of the Dead. At the very least, she may have dropped into a
couple of Hare Krishna meetings, or had an Egyptian scarab tattooed somewhere
on her body, visible only to the "naked" eye. No? Then check her dressing
table (if you can find the key to unlock it) and see if she has a pack of tarot
cards, or a well-thumbed copy of the I Ching tucked in among her love potions,
exotic perfumes and aphrodisiacs.
I don't mean to imply that this woman's nature is too hot for a Taurean
man to handle, or her psyche too coolly mysterious for him to penetrate. After
all, that silent film star Rudolph Valentino, the sheik to end all sheiks was a

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